TCS Interview Experience

Round 1:From last year tcs is recruiting by NQT exam. So the first round was a online test which need to be give in tcs ion center which consists of 3 sections.These are generally aptitude, logical questions and programming based question.And if you are able to submit the programming based question which will be very easy and concept based then there are 70% chances for next round.Luckily i got selected in first round.

Round 2:Now after qualifying first round 2nd one was the technical round.The date, time and venue  shared with me by mail.So now in technical round there are 3 interviewer in front of me .The first question asked from me was firstly introduce yourself in 2 min.After intro 5 to 7 questions asked from me.The first one was tell me the basic characteristics of  object oriented programming.Second was what do you mean by joins in dbms describe it’s type.Next was tell me the benefits of cloud and name of the cloud service provider. Next was type of dbms.So after a long waiting of  1 to 1.5 hr they call me for for HR round.

Round 3:It was  the last round.This one was taken by HR.And all the questions were basic related to  me and my family like number of members in your family, occupation of father and mother and 2 to 3  university related questions. And after almost 15 days of long waiting the they have sent a mail with congratulations message that you are selected in TCS NQT .

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