TCS Interview Experience

Hello everyone I am Saurabh.I qualified TCS NQT 2019 .I am going to share my TCS Ninja interview experience with you all.

Round 1:

I was one of the few students from my college who were called earlier .It was my first interview so I was a little nervous.I was called from my panel.Every panel had two interviewers.I wished them Good Morning .They told me to sit.They asked me for my resume.I still remember they stared at my resume for a while.

Q.1=>Introduce yourself??


Q.2=>You have mentioned Java in your resume.What do you know about Java?

Me-I started with a brief history and ended with features of java.

Q.3=>What are the principles of Object oriented programming?


Q.4=>Write a code to show Polymorphism?


Q.5=>Do you know any other language apart from Java?

Me-Yes.I know C++, C and Basics of Python.

Q.6=>Can you tell us the difference between C++ and Java, C and C++, new and malloc, delete and free?

Me-I told them about pointers that are implicit in Java but not in C++.I also told them about W.O.R.A. concept of Java.Answered other questions too.

Q.7=>They asked me about my project which i didn’t mention in my resume.They asked me about my roles and few of SQL queries and questions related to joins.

Q.8=>Then they asked me whether I am comfortable with night shifts.I wasn’t expecting that HR question so soon.But I managed to answer that.

They told me to wait outside.I took their pen with me.So they called me again I said sorry, they both laughed.

After an hour or so..I was called for the second round.

Round 2: 

Q-1=>What do you do in your free time Saurabh?

Me-I watch mythological shows.I still remember he was typing something …but after my reply he stopped.I thought if have made a mistake?

Next question was quite surprising for me.

Q-2=>So Saurabh what according to you led to mahabharat?

I was like what????

But I told him that many events together led to Mahabharat like Bhisma’s oath, injustice to Pandavas but the Supreme cause was the insult of a Draupadi.

He liked my answer.And began typing..

I felt quite relaxed.

Q-3=>So i want you tell me a no that always divides sum of a no AB and it’s reverse BA i.e.which no will always divide (AB+BA)?

Me- Took a min or so and answered 11.

He said very good, Do you have any question for me?

I asked why does he personally like TCS?

He told me about its reputation.

Round 3:

I was called for my 3rd round which happened to be the longest unlike my friends.The other HR interviewer took the interview of almost 3 to 4 in same time my single HR interview took place.

Q.1=>Why do you want to work?


Q.2=>Why TCS?


Q-3=>Why not higher studies?


Q.4=>Tell me about your strengths.


Q.5=>What do you know about augmented reality?


Q.7=>For which industry will it be suitable?

Me-Mobile Industries.

Q.8=>Are you comfortable with night shifts and locations?


Q.9=>Do you know about the bond?


Okay.You can go now .We are done for the day.

After 15 days I got a mail from TCS and got selected .It felt good.

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