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TCS Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 01 Nov, 2019

TCS Conducted their NQT all over India.

Round 1:
English-Fill in the blanks type.
Quant – 15 questions out of which 10 were mcq and 5 were FUB.
Technical/Cmcq – 10 questions.
Coding-1 problem 30 min time.
All the sections were more or less easy.In my slot the coding section was a bit complex which required of a bit of logical thinking but ones you solved it it was easy to code.
Caution:Those using python let me warn you that TCS has python 2 not 3 and it gives a lot of indentation errors, moreover the compile time can so as high as a minute, so keep this in mind.

If you can solve the coding part I think you will be shortlisted any way as my apti section was not upto the mark but in the coding section there was 12 testcases and i passed them all.
If you perform well you will be shortlisted in the digital profile and have to give another exam for the digital interview.So for me round 2 was the digital test.

Round 2(Digital Test):
English section – Easy
Apti section – The level of the questions was really top notch.Practice is needed to crack this section.
Technical part – Easy section only If you are well accustomed with c, c++, java and data structures.
Coding part – 1 questions 50 min time.The question was easy but the brute force won’t work.So if you know or can carve out an efficient algorithm you are good to go.
I could not crack this test, so i was given a ninja interview.

Round 3(Technical Interview):
There were 2 of them.
My interview was a more of a stress interview.
They asked me a query from mongoDB, database designs, sharding(I never expected tcs would be asking me sharding in an interview but i knew the concept so explained it) and normalisation.
Then they asked me from html and javascript(Basics)
Then they moved on to networking i.e layers, applications of alll the layers.
This part was very stresfull.The interviewer was trying to puzzle me that i told the wrong ans but for my part i was confident so i went on.
Then came Software engineering-SDLC Models, Agile and differences.
At last Deep Learning.
I had a no of projects but none were asked.

This was not in all panels some of my friends were only asked abound their projects only, no stress interview and some of them has to face interviews like me.So its fully depended on the panel u are allotted to.

Round 4(HR)
Common questions :
Why TCS?
Why should i hire you?

End Verdict:

Best of luck!!!

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