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TCS Interview Experience 2021 (Virtual)

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  • Last Updated : 02 Dec, 2020
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I got shortlisted in TCS NQT for Ninja profile through Online Examination and got the mail on 10th November 2020. I was happy and sad too because I aimed for Digital Profile. Anyway So I started preparing for the interview round that was scheduled on 25th November 2020 but on 24th I have a Cognizant Interview too, so I have to prepare harder to crack both the interview.

Interview Day (25th November 2020): I got the call from HR at 11:00 AM that my Interview is schedule at 11:30 AM (It was mentioned in the mail that I would get a  call before 10 min, but I was lucky to get at 20 min earlier) and I also have to wait in the lobby, because some other guy would be giving at that time. 

I logged in to Microsoft Teams through the browser and joined the meeting through the given link mentioned in the mail. I have to wait for 30 minutes in the lobby, but fortunately, someone let me in and the interview started. There were 4 panelists out of them only 2 asked me questions.

HR: Hold me ID proof in such a manner that your name and the name in the ID card should be visible. (So guys make sure if you are going for a virtual interview you should have your ID proof with you). I showed and they validate.

HR: Now, tell us about yourself. I told them all details and projects I have done and the area of Interest and hobbies etc.

TR: In which language you are good?

Me: I am comfortable with JAVA.

TR: Tell us about JAVA and OOPs features supported in it.

Me: I told them all the= OOPs concept supported by JAVA and some features JAVA have like memory management(auto garbage collector), data security, etc.

TR: What is Data Abstraction?

Me: Definition with some real-world examples.

TR: What is your daily routine like how you start your day.

Me: Sir, I wake up early in the day (lie), and go jogging and then do my breakfast and practice some coding.

TR: How will you automate this routine and write it in the program?

Me: Sir, I will design the structure and write the algorithm and then start coding.

TR: Ok, You have some questions?

Me: Asked how would be the post covid situation for the company?

TR: He told me but I forgot.

HR: So how many members do you have in your family?

Me: I live with my mother and father.

HR: So, will it be difficult to relocate leaving your parents as you are an only child.

Me: No mam, because for the past 3 years I was in Durgapur. So it will not be a problem.

HR: You have taken part in many technical contests in your college(mentioned in the resume) what did you learn from them apart from technical knowledge?

Me: I have learned management skills from the organizer and coordinators by observing them, and later I implemented it when I became the Technical lead in that club.

HR: Why TCS?

Me: As I know that this question is very common and researched it from Wikipedia about TCS and I told all the achievements of TCS.

Then the interview was over and HR told me to send my all mark sheet 10th to semester mark sheet to her mail id, so she could validate them.

Suggestion for TCS Interview:

  1. Do research about TCS before the interview and learn some facts.
  2. Try to not be less nervous, they are to select you not to reject you.
  3. Be prepared with questions like telling us about yourself, tell us about your project, what challenges you faced making your project, in which tool and version you made your project.
  4. Go through the DBMS and OOPs Concept, either you mention it in your resume or not they will surely ask you about these.
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