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TCS Interview Experience 2020 | Digital profile

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  • Last Updated : 13 Apr, 2020
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So informing all I reached to interview for digital profile through TCS NQT exam which was conducted by TCS in month of July and august 2019.i cleared the first round of NQT exam and was invited to take up an extra exam which was digital test for TCS digital profile.i did fairly well in that test and thus was among the few members from my college who want for interview for this role.

so here is now my interview experience my interview was in Delhi and it comprised of 3 rounds .i went through all the 3 rounds so here it is.

Round 1:Technical Round

This was the round where interviewer was testing real interviewing panel consist of two members as soon as i sat he greeted me and asked my areas of interest i told him data structures and algorithm and problem solving as my domain.he then gave me sets of already written snippets and asked me to write the outputs for those 5 to 6 snippets in a fresh paper .I took my time and wrote it all confidently.Then he asked me to write the code for doubly linked list insertion and deletion as it was a cakewalk i wrote an direct approach, he asked me to write few more codes in white sheet and to surprise i wrote each one neatly.interviewer was looking content then he asked me few questions from advanced topics such as dynamic programming, branch and bound .he also asked me regarding travelling salesman problem(TSP).i.e. what is the problem actually about and what are the approaches we have to solve it.

he then asked me few questions regarding basic concepts of java?

  1. what is abstraction and what is its use in java and how we achieve it in java?
  2. why java is not pure object oriented?
  3. Comparator interface and its implementation and its use?
  4. difference between final, finally(), finalize?
  5. do pointers exists in java why and, why not?

and few more questions he asked on java.and at last he asked me one last problem!

what is the internal working of maps or hash maps in java and what is the benefit of using them?.I was able to explain him in a most efficient manner.interviewer was looking content round went near about 45 mins or even more could not guess it right.he asked me to wait outside and i was called for 2nd round.

Round 2:Managerial Round

This round was fairly focused over my digital skills and my project.

the interviewer asked me questions regarding my project and questions on nlp(Natural Language Processing) what is it and how i am using it in my project, as my project was completely oriented towards it. The interviewer was just taking my grasp on cutting edge technologies what it is and my basic knowledge about it.

the round went for 25 mins .interviewer asked me to wait and after few moments of wait i was called for round 3.

Round 3:Hr Round

This round was basic discussion round where i was told about companies norms and policies and i was also informed that if you are not selected for digital profile based on my performance in previous two rounds i would be given ninja profile.

the interview was over.

conclusion:- within few days i got an offer for digital profile.

This was my experience.

Thank You.

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