TCS Interview Experience

Hi IT Geeks, 
I got Offer from TCS in ninja category through TCS NQT. So I wanted to share my experience with you all, of my journey from student to placed candidate. 

In this article I will be sharing whole lot of TCS but the process is more or less same for all other IT companies. 

  1. Written Test 
    (According to syllabus provided by the respective companies)
  2. Group Discussion 
    (It can be optional varies from company to company)
  3. Interview 
    (HR and Technical interview)


Written Test<Round 1>

I register in TCS nextstep portal.Then I got admit card for TCS NQT of center gitobitan, saltlake, west bengal.The Written exam is divided into sub section as given below.


Note: syllabus of all IT companies are more or less same that’s why try to have grip on these topics. 

I got mail of qualifying the exam and gave another mail for admit card of exam for digital category.that too I qualified. 

since TCS did not conduct Group Discussion we were called for direct interview. 

My Interview Experience<Round 2> 

It can be one or more round of interview but in my case I had only one round in which HR and Technical both were included. that make me stressed and I thought what happen to my interview but later we were informed that we will be having only one round. I was interviewed by the panel consist of  3 member( 2 Technical and 1 HR) 

Interviewer: Tell me about yourself? 

Me: Sir, Myself (name). I am pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering ) from the Ramkrishna Mahato Government Engineering College,Purulia. I have completed my matriculation and +2 in Computer Science from Kendriya Vidyalaya Garden Reach, Kolkata. I am having ability to solve problems, coding in various languages, and capable of organizing events since I have organized events in colleges. due to my innovative and enthusiast to learn I had made some Projects on web development, android apps, visual studio and got 97% in Python at NPTEL platform.And If I talk about my hobbies I do cycling, traveling in free times. I am also interested in playing Volleyball, and doing Skits occasionally. My ambition is to work in an IT company in a good position. 

Interviewer:Okay.. you said you have done various projects and in CV also you have written that you have been associated with Rail Shakti  Project in Railways.can you tell me something about the projects. 

Me: Yes Sir, I had done this project in which I was asked to develop a website for tracking the employees with their respective task report in regular employees. <and gave the detailed explanation.> 

Interviewer:Do you Know Java? 

Me: Yes sir, I do code in java language also. 

Interviewer: Then why you did not mention it in CV?? 

Me: I am not so frequent user of java that’s why I have not mention it. 

Interviewer: Okay..Then tell me difference between OOPs and Procedural language. 

Me: gave 2 points and explained with example… 

Interviewer: You told you build android apps. can you tell which type of project it is? 

Me: Actually It is a Library management systems. by which you can issue,check availability of books, return, fine kind of method are include. 

Interviewer: can you tell which devices were supported by your app?? 

Me: (I got confused) and I told sorry sir I am not able to get it. 

Interviewer: type of screen that supported…  like normal smartphone or tab or smart tv? 

Me: (at that time i again got confused and stuck) then I told all type of devices except smart tv. 

Interviewer: They asked some chunks of codes on pattern, string to write and find error? 

Me: I gave answer to their question. 

Interview: would you like to for digital or normal? 

Me: I am comfortable with all due to my enthusiast learning capabilities i can cope up with all types of work. 

After few months I got a mail from TCS in which it is written that “you were selected in ninja category” and they asked me to accept offer letter in their next step portal.

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