TCS Interview Experience

Hello, Here I am going to share my interview experience with TCS.

I applied for TCS Smart Hiring -BSC/BCA 2019/20. My Exam was done in November. In December, I got an email from TCS that I have successfully cleared the exam and I am selected for an Interview. My Interview was done in January.

My interview was done in two rounds. The panel of three took my Interview.

Technical round: One of the Interviewers, asked me about Myself. After that, they asked me about which programming language I prefer more. I said about c++. So, they asked me about polymorphism, oops etc. Then they gave me some programmes and said to code about these programmes. After that, they asked me some questions about RDBMS, SQL etc.

HR round: After that My HR round was done. After that, they said to me to go and they said that they will inform me if I would be selected.

Then after around 10-15 days, I got a mail from TCS that I cleared the interview and I am selected for TCS. I was very happy.

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