TCS Interview Experience

This interview is conducted at hadapsar pune by TCS on 2nd June 2019.

Round 1:In round 1st the written test is there with three sections like English, Aptitude and Programming round. In this written test they have asked questions in aptitude on SI and DI. Permutation and Combination problems. Almost 80% of the aptitude topics were covered. In english section they were checking basic grammar. In programming round mainly pattern printing programs. The programs on series and pattern printing programs are very important and are repeating.

Round 2: In TR and MR interview, asked about software development life cycle. All the basics of C like linked list, Queue and Binary trees.

Round 3:In HR interview, Introduction and co-curricular activities related questions were there.

All of the questions are from resume only. So, be prepared with the resume and be clear with what you write. All the best!


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