TCS Interview Experience

I applied to TCS through the TCS National Qualifier Test(NQT)

Round 1: Online examination. The test had around 15 quantitative aptitudes, 15 verbal ability and technical MCQ questions along with a coding test. Except for the coding question and fill in the blanks, negative marks were applicable to the rest MCQs. Well, I wouldn’t say the test was very easy or highly difficult. Strong aptitude knowledge and a good technical grip would get you to the next round.

I received an mail a week after the exam.

Result: I cleared the NQT and was selected for the next round.

Round 2: The next round was a F2F interview with a Technical, Managerial and General HR. I received an mail about the date and venue of the interview.

I was interviewed at the TCS Sholinganalur branch. After all the required documents verifications were done, we were made to wait in a conference hall which had a projector in which names of students and the table number they need go were displayed. There were about 30 round tables in the cafeteria, the place where the interview took place. Each table consisted of 3 HRs.

I was so tensed brushing through my books and phone, preparing for my technical interview for which I feared the most. When my name got displayed on the monitor my heartbeat rouse to a great level. I mumbled “everything is going to be fine” to myself and walked confidently with a smile to my respective table.

“Good morning”, I greeted every HR individually with a broad smile. They too reciprocated with the same. The technical HR quickly glanced through my Resume and started shooting her questions.

  1. “Brief us about yourself”. Answered
  2. “What do you know about java?” A.Java is an object-oriented, robust, platform-independent language.
  3. “So you say platform-independent. What makes java independent?” Answered, but she expected me to be more elaborate.
  4. “What is normalization? Could you write down a simple example of it?” Answered and wrote the correct example. She replied: “well that’s pretty much enough”
  5. “Why do we use Cascading Style Sheet? And what code links the style sheet to the Html doc?” Answered
  6. “In HTML, I want different panels to be visible on one page at the same time. How do I do this?” I wasn’t sure about this and I said I didn’t know. She smiled and said it could be done using frames.
  7. “What is sorting and what are the different sorting techniques you know?” Answered.
  8. “What is bubble sort?” Answered
  9. “You’ve mentioned that you have attended a workshop on the semantic web? Could you elaborate on what it is?” Answered.

The technical HR was done and handed over to the managerial HR.

  1. Tell me about your family? Answered with great confidence.
  2. Some questions from what I answered for the above question.
  3. What do you know about TCS?

General HR asked some basic questions like If I’m flexible for relocation, shift-based work. I politely answered with a Yes. The three of them nodded and smiled saying it’s done and asked if I had any questions. I said yes I have some questions and asked ” What are the qualities TCS expects from a fresher ” and “If this placement is bulk recruitment and why such a requirement persists despite enough mid-level manpower “. They answered and the interview was done.

I felt relieved but nervous about the result at the same time.

After about 20 days I got a positive mail from TCS. I accepted the offer letter and currently waiting for the call letter.



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