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TCS Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 12 Feb, 2020

TCS Recruitment for final year student all branches (CS/IT/ECE/EE/ME/BCA/MCA and Bsc. IT)

Tata consultancy services recruit the final year (fresher’s) for the designation “Associate System Engineer- Trainee”. TCS hire for two profile i.e., TCS NINJA and TCS DIGITAL. The vacancy for Digital profile is very limited i.e., around 1000 and for ninja profile it is greater then 30000. TCS registration starts in the month of June. There are two rounds of TCS Recruitment which is as follows:

Round 1:  Online Test (TCS NQT)

TCS conduct online test at the national level and students first need to register themselves for the exam then accordingly center is allocated based on the choice of location filled by the student. The test consist of 3 sections : Aptitude, Language and Coding. I cleared my test and the result is announced after the 1 week through the mail. The student who performed good in test will also get a chance to selected for the Digital Profile otherwise the student is considered for the Ninja Profile. I got the chance for appearing in the test for Digital Profile but I didn’t score well so I was considered for the Ninja Profile.

Round 2: Interview

TCS interview students at their location and based on your location you will get the mail for your interview with the address. I am from Jaipur, Rajasthan so I got the interview in Noida. I was very scared for the interview as this was the first interview I was going to give and I talked to many seniors about the process. Finally, the interview day is here and the first round was Technical Round + Managerial Round (T.R.+M.R.).

First question was “Tell me about yourself”. Be prepare for this question as it is most important question.

Second question was “Tell me something about your project “. If you have mentioned project in your resume in whatever you must know everything about your project. I have made the project on the Android Technology. So I told them everything about the project, the functioning of each module and everything.

Then they asked me “OOPS CONCEPTS”. Then I stated the OOPS concept name then they asked me write the code for “Overriding and Overloading” and ask the difference between them . I wrote the code and stated the difference.

The next question was “What is favorite subject?” Then I said “Operating System” then they asked me question on Scheduling particularly asked me to explain “Round Robin Scheduling” and then asked me few more questions on “Deadlock and how to eliminate Deadlock” which I answered .

The next question they asked me to explain “software development life cycle and waterfall model” which I know then I explained it.

The next question was “Which software model is used in companies ?” I answered it .

The M.R. round is also going simultaneously with the T.R. then M.R. asked me “If I will be able to relocate or not ” I said that I have no problem in locating.

Then he asked “Will you able to do night shifts or not ?” I said that there is no problem I will do night shifts.

The next question was “Suppose you have to do the night shift and there is only and one male employee is there. Will you still do night shift or not ?” Then I again said Yes I will do. Then M.R. said “Are you sure about this as security of oneself is at stake ” then I said TCS is the one of the known organization of India if they will not provide the security to their employees then there can’t be security anywhere I guess.

Make sure whatever you write in the resume is known to you otherwise don’t write because question can be raised from anything which is written on the resume.

Finally they told me to wait and after that the students who cleared the 2 round (T.R. +M.R.) are taken to another round. As I cleared it I was taken to next round.

Round 3: H.R.

In the H.R. round again the first question was “Tell me about yourself”

The second question was ” What are your strengths ?” I stated my strengths then next question was “How do you got to know that these are your strengths ?” and I answered it. You know very well about the strength.

The next question was “What is the importance of education in your life?” and I stated my opinion what I feel.

This round is to understand you better i.e., what are your thoughts, your moral values and ethics.

After exact 10 days I got the offer letter and I got selected in TCS.

Be confident about yourself, your knowledge and skills. Believe in yourself that you can do it then no one can stop you from success.

All the best and may you get in your dream company !!! I hope this will help you.

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