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TCS Interview Codevita Season 8

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  • Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2022

My interview venue was Gandhinagar-Garima park. My reporting time was 7.30 am. First of all we were taken in Rendez-Vous hall in which HR vanitamam had cleared all doubts about what are eligibility criteria then she told How  the interviews would be taken means there was two interviews. 

if we are selected for second interview means we are selected for Ninja post ( package was around 3.5 lakh) and if you are selected in second round interview then you are selected for Digital post(around 7 lac package) 

and if you aren’t selected for second interview it doesn’t mean you are not selected .But it does mean you are not selected for Digital. 

there was around 150 students who got selected for codevita interview. So all interview was in one (HR, TR, MR). 

Round 1: 

infront of me there were three interviewers(HR, MR, TR) 

Me: Good afternoon sir( it was 3.00 pm) 

HR: give me your c.v or resume 

M.R : give me your file(in which there was marksheets, certificates etc) 

H.R : tell me something about your self and with it tell me your technical skills. 

Me : I replied. 

T.R (technical interviewer) : after seen my resume, He asked about my internship. 

Me: answered. 

T.R : explain your project which you have done in internship. 

Me : Explained. 

T.R: it was group project so what was your role in project. 

Me : Answered 

T.R : What creative work  had you done during internship. 

Me: Tried to remember, And Nodded my head. 

T.R : in your web application how you had sent data? 

Me: I told him using servlet. 

TR : which method  have you selected for send your data. 

Me: Post. 

TR : is there any other method to send data. 

Me : yes.GET method 

TR: tell me different between two methods. 

Me : answered 

TR : write a code for establishing connection with database. 

Me: (at that time i forgot . whatever i remembered i wrote. Which i forgot i clearly said sir at that moment of time i didn’t remember what it was.) 

HR : Write a program which you had done in codevita. 

Me : (Wrote on paper and tried to explain the logic but they told me to take a case and go with flow of program) 

T.R : What’s different between Oracle and MySQL . 

Me : i don’t know. 
T.R : What is inner join and outer join 

Me: (Tried to explain but failed) Sorry sir i don’t know that much. 

T.R : Write a query of inner join . 
Me : Sorry sir, I never used it. 

T.R : What is Binary tree. 
Me : (Explained) 
TR : How to traverse tree? 
Me : (Told about three method of traversing.) 
Tr : Write program to traverse a tree with post order 
Me : (Took so much time though it was unfinish) 

TR : Ok, forget it. You have uploaded your videos on youtube .Is it your channel? 
Me: yes. 
Tr : For what purpose you are using it? 
ME : To showcase my skills and projects. 
TR : As you have uploaded your projects on git.Why is it so. 

ME : I explained about git. 
MR: (one of my project was same as splitwise) What’s different between them. 
ME: i answered. 

HR : Ohk we are done. You may leave. 
ME: ohk, Thanks sir 

By the way it was my first interview so there was so many mistakes but i am trying to improve. 

The result of first round declared and i was not selected for second but it is chance to get selected in Ninja . Waiting for results.. 

Thanks for reading my experience.

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