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TCS Interview Codevita Season 8

  • Last Updated : 12 Aug, 2019

Pardon my English, All started from the codevita 8 contest. If you can solve any single question out of 6 questions then you are selected for a ninja profile interview. They email you the time and location. In my case, I am summoned to Tata Consultancy Services Gitanjali Park Kolkata. My time slot is 12:00 Pm but my interview number came at 6:30 Pm, so please carry some food with you.
Round 1: Technical Interview
Q1: how to compile and run a java program with CMD? how to check the java version?
Q2: What is function overriding?
Q3: Explain your code? ( the problem you solve in codevita)
Q4: Explain inner join and outer join with example? (from database)
Q5: What is Huffman Coding? ( this is about my project in cv)
Q6: Would it be a problem for you to relocate?
END of Technical Interview
Round 2: HR Interview
Q1: Tell me something that is not in your cv?
Q2: What have you been doing to improve your English?
Q3: Would it be a problem for you to relocate?

And I am Selected.

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