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TCS Digital Placement Process Experience-2019

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TCS Digital Placement Process Experience-2019

Round 1

It is an Online Test Round, duration of nearly 2 hours which consists of four sections namely English, Aptitude, CMCQ and Coding. There is a sectional timing for each section, The test will flow as per the order of appearance English — Aptitude — CMCQ — Coding. Once you move from one section to another, you cannot go back to the previous section. For example, once you have moved to Aptitude, you cannot go back to English and so on.

English – 15 Question 10 minutes

Aptitude 15 Question 15 minutes

CMCQ 12 Question 20 minutes

Coding 01 Question 55 minutes

English Section includes   basic Comprehension Passage Questions, Synonyms/Antonyms, Ordering of Sentences, Prepositions, Questions based on Tenses (Correct form of tenses).

Aptitude section needs a lot of practice, Basic topics are – Permutations & Combinations, Probability, Time and Work, Speed-Time-Distance Advanced Question, up to 10th class Mathematics, and also some knowledge of statistics- Mean- Median- Mode, Mean Squared Error, Quantile, etc.

CMCQ section includes Basic Input/Output Question and Data Structures and Algorithms Questions. Important topics –  Linkedlist, Stack, Queue, Heap, Array, Functions, MostImp- Binary Search Tree, Inorder-Postorder-Preorder, Height etc.

Coding section (only for Digital) -You should know about Array, String functions and HashMap concept. Dynamic Programming and Greedy are helpful, All the languages are open, you can code in any language.


Round 2

It is an Interview Round, the panel consists of three group members namely Technical, Managerial and HR. You must know each and every bit that you’ve written in your resume. 

First, I was asked about my low score in Bachelor’s ? (I didn’t expect this) In defense, I answered them that I was involved in many Extracurricular activities and then we talked about my extracurricular activities, about my experience and their impact. This went on for around 12-15 minutes.

Meanwhile, the person from the technical department was visiting my resume and he asked me to explain in detail about my internship project which followed by questionnaire regarding it.  We discussed various key scenarios of the project after that. He also asked me about concepts of OOPs, some language based questions, questions on trending technologies etc. This went for around 25-30 minutes.

HR representative asked me about the areas I would like to work on and why did I chose those areas. He also asked some questions from resume. This went for about 10-12 minutes.

In my experience Honesty is very important while you’re being asked in an interview and you must know about your work and field of expertise.

Final Verdict: Selected

Some of the technical questions asked by  technical representative:

(Not in order)

  1. Pre Increment and Post Increment.
  2. Static Class, Static method, Static variables
  3. Difference between Interface and abstract class.
  4. Inheritance, Encapsulation
  5. Overriding and Overloading
  6. Why Multiple inheritance is not supported in Java
  7. Most Imp- Exception Handling.
  8. If return statement in try block then finally is executed or not?
  9. How garbage collection work in Java.(I know in C# so I explained in that)
  10. Multithreading in Java (Again I explained it in C#)
  11. Do you know any design technique? Explain.
  12. About Blockchain Technology (a bit discussion)
  13. Cloud Services
  14. Supervised and Unsupervised Learning (ML Topics)
  15. Classification and Regression Problem
  16. OneHot Encoding
  17. About hidden layers and Backpropagation
  18. Slicing and striding in python
  19. Why do you used Python in your project, why not R ?
  20. About important libraries of python for machine learning.(a bit discussion)

Order (Project — Project Based Technology Que — Technical Question on OOps and Language Based Que– Trending Technologies Questions)

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Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2023
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