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TCS Digital/Ninja Interview Experience

Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2022
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Round 1:

It  first consists online test which consists following  topics.
3.Technical questions based on C, C++and Java
4. one coding question.(based on 0-1 knapsack concept)

They take test on there on software. The software has calculator and provide you to compile your code in different languages. Also you can see the output for various test cases and the failed test cases as well.

Note: Read the instructions for using the software precisely because it saves time.

Those who cleared round 1  will be eligible for ninja(3.5 LPA) interview process and those who cleared the digital cutoff will selected for Round 2 for digital profile (7.1 LPA).

Also in the interview process , if they don’t find you suited for digital profile. They will tell you that they are converting your interview for ninja profile.

TIP:Never leave the coding section blank at least write some logic into it, don’t care if your test case passes or not.

Round 2:

In this round, they asked technical concepts. Since I told, I am told in data structures and algorithms, they asked me questions in it.

  • Introduction
  • Sorting algorithms
  • code for quick sort
  • quick sort , merge sort comparison
  • implement swap function.

They will see your resume and look for work related to:

  1. ML/AI
  2. IOT
  3. cyber security.
  4. BlockChain
  5. cloudComputing.
  6. BigData /hadoop

If you have an internship or projects in the area. You are going to have a long interview. Majority of questions revolves around these.

The questions asked were related to the above technology.

  • What work have you done in your internship?
  • Detailed explanation of your projects.

They were mostly focusing on the implementation details of your project.

Also you should the basics about the technology you have worked on.

You need to convey them that you are interested in learning and working with these technologies.

Tip: I would suggest that you should make projects in these technologies, and round 2 will be easy for you.

Round 3: Managerial Round

  • Your strength and weakness
  • How will you overcome your weakness
  • Where do you expect yourself in 5 years?
  • Do you have higher studies plan?(say no if you want the job)
  • What is more important for you learning or money.

Even if you don’t know something, try to show them you are interested in learning it.

Also show them, you are very interested to work with them.

All the best!!

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