TCS digital Interview Experience

My TCS digital results were out yesterday and thankfully i cleared it 🙂 🙂

Round 1:


It was an online round which consisted of english, aptitude, programming mcqs and a coding question.Time is the most imortant factor in this round.You need to be really quick to clear this round.The difficulty level was moderate.The exam started last for nearly 2 hours.It was attempted by nearly 3500 students from my college(yes, i am from a private college 🙂


Results were declared on 20/7/2019 and around 400 students from my college were shortlisted for the interviews.we were called to tcs campus-chennai for the interviews on 22/7/2019.

Round 2:


trust me, this round is not difficult for you to crack if u have done some projects on upcoming technologies like..

machine learning

big data

full stack development


cloud etc etc….

they were mostly focusing on the implementation details of your project.if u could convey them that you are interested in working on digital technologies then consider you self placed.once your project discussion is over they would try asking you some basic HR and Managerial questions.

Results were declared the next day and a whooping 110 students were selected from our campus and i am one amoung them 🙂 🙂

TCS Digital mainly focuses on your interest in learning new things, so start making projects on digital age skills….

cant wait to work for TCS Digital 🙂 🙂

All THE BEST!!!!

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