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TCS Digital Interview Experience via Ninja Toppers

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After the Online National Qualifier Test for TCS Ninja, I got shortlisted for the Ninja toppers test. The toppers test was a 2-hour coding test consisting of 2 questions. The difficulty level of questions varied from easy to moderate. I got complete output for one question and the next one was submitted with a partial output.

My interview went roughly 30 mins. The entire process was conducted in the online mode.

The Digital Interview is a combination of three rounds (Technical, Managerial, HR):

Round 1(Technical Round): You will be tested upon every technical skill set which you have mentioned in your CV. So make sure you mention only those languages and skills which you are actually thorough with. The technical interview covered a wide range of topics like Object-Oriented Programming.

The first question was to introduce my self and then the following questions were asked to me in the technical round: 

  1. Three programming languages that I’m comfortable with.
  2. Difference between array and list.
  3. How to iterate through a list without using for loop in python.(ans: use iter() function)
  4. Different types of inheritance.
  5. Write the pseudocode/code to implement multiple inheritance in a paper and explain the code.
  6. Different types of sorting methods and will ask you to write the code for any of those methods.
  7. Different types of searching algorithms.
  8. Write the code for binary search.
  9. Explain bubble sort.
  10. How memory management is performed in python.
  11. Compare python with java
  12. Different types of scopes available in python.
  13. Explain your project mentioned in the resume.
  14. The project mentioned was having a nodejs backend, so the interviewer asked me to explain the packages/libraries used in that code.

Note that they asked questions on python because I’ve selected python as the language that I’m more comfortable with.

After these questions, the interview is handed over to the next interviewer to conduct the 

Round 2(Managerial Round): The questions were super easy and some questions were based on the skills that I’ve mentioned on my resume.

  1. The department/section that I can give maximum performance.
  2. Location preferences.
  3. I have mentioned about UI designing in my resume, so some questions were asked based on that.

After these questions, the interview was concluded.

After a few days, my HR round was scheduled.

Round 3(HR Round): The HR round was very casual as compared to other rounds. They are just trying to get to know more about yourself.

This round started with the usual HR interview questions like,

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Why TCS?
  3. Are you flexible with job hours and location?
  4. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  5. Do you have any arrear history?

Along with these questions, they’ve also asked me to show my academic certificates from Xth to the current semester.

The interview got over by 10 mins and the interviewer told me to watch out for emails from TCS.

It was a good experience.

Final Verdict: Selected

Hope this helps. Thank You and All the Best!

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Last Updated : 10 Aug, 2022
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