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TCS Digital Interview Experience through Codevita Season IX 2020

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  • Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2022
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Pre-Qualifier Round:

The pre-qualifier round was on 8th August 2020. There were 6 problems which were to be solved within 6 hours. I was able to solve only 2 problems:

1. Prime Time Again

Problem Description:

Here on earth, our 24-hour day is composed of two parts, each of 12hours. Each hour in each part has a corresponding hour in the other part separated by 12 hours: the hour essentially measures the duration since the start of the daypart. For example, 1 hour in the first part of the day is equivalent to 13, which is 1 hour into the second part of the day. Now, consider the equivalent hours that are both prime numbers. We have 3 such instances for a 24-hour 2-part day:


Accept two natural numbers D, P >1 corresponding respectively to the number of hours per day and the number of parts in a day separated by a space. D should be divisible by P, meaning that the number of hours per part (D/P) should be a natural number. Calculate the number of instances of equivalent prime hours. Output zero if there is no such instance.

I used Sieve of Eratosthenes to solve this problem.

2. Minimize The Sum

Problem Description

Given an array of integers, perform atmost K operations so that the sum of elements of the final array is minimum. An operation is defined as follows –

Consider any 1 element from the array, arr[i].
Replace arr[i] by floor(arr[i]/2).
Perform next operations on the updated array.
The task is to minimize the sum after atmost K operations.

I used Min-Heap to solve this problem.

The result of the pre-qualifier round was out on 2nd September 2020.

I secured the rank of 3376.

On 10th September, I got mail that my interview was scheduled on 15th September.

Interview Round: There were 3 rounds in the interview: Technical, Managerial, and HR Round. All 3 rounds happened one after the other in a single call.

1. Technical Round: I was asked to introduce myself followed by several questions:

  1. What is your preferred programming language? (Python)
  2. Why python? Why not C++ or Java?
  3. Why I solved only 2 questions in codevita and approach for solving them?
  4. Questions related to string, list, and dictionary.
  5. SQL query to find the 5th largest salary from the given table.
  6. Questions related to my projects.
  7. Questions related to the OOPs concept.

2. Managerial Round: Different scenarios were given and according to the scenario I had to answer the questions.

  1. What would you do if all clients like your work and want you to complete their project?
  2. You have a birthday cake and have to cut it into 8 equal pieces by making 3 cuts only. How do you do it?
  3. What would you do if you get a better package in any other company?
  4. Why computer science?
  5. What are the qualities of a good leader?

3. HR Round

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. What are your strength and weakness?
  3. Are you ready to relocate?
  4. Why TCS?
  5. Do you have any questions?

On 5th October, I got a mail that I had been short-listed for a Digital offer with TCS.

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