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TCS Digital Interview Experience Pune 2019

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  • Last Updated : 14 Jan, 2022
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Round 1:

On the 3rd of August 2019, I had appeared for the TCS NQT Examination. Let me tell you something there are some websites that create unnecessary hype of the exam in order to sell their courses. Trust me you don’t need them until you cannot solve basic aptitude questions.

Preparation tips for NQT :

  • practice aptitude questions as much as you can in order to increase your speed
  • basic knowledge of your core stream topics will be enough for the technical section
  • English will be quite easy if you have basic knowledge of using prepositions and all
  • In our case, we had negative marking for mcq questions so be prepared for it.
  • the coding section is easy as well, my question was similar to the conversation of hexadecimal input to decimal output except for the fact that instead of base 16 I was given base 17.

Everything is good except for the compiler.

It takes about a minute sometimes even more to compile and test the test cases.

You cannot even debug your code by printing some other data. It just says accepted or rejected thats it.

Although for such simple programming thats not much of an issue.

Round 2:

On the 10th of August 2019, I received mail from TCS stating I have cleared NQT and was shortlisted for Digital Exam. But the sad part is the digital exam was scheduled for the next day. I hardly had 24 hours to prepare. I wasn’t sure the will I be able to solve questions or not although I tried to cover out some Important topics of programmings like graph, maps etc.

Even in this Exam mcq questions will have Negative marking but it doesn’t really matter a lot as most of the questions will not be of mcq type as of in my case I hardly had 5 mcq questions, aptitude and technical section combined.

The coding section here is a bit tough as they want you to write optimized code. It’s not necessary as my code wasn’t the optimal one.

But the worst part is they provide you the same compiler.

no debugging option and again even this compiler took about a minute to compile and run all the test cases.

After the exam, I thought that I won’t be able to clear this exam and went back home.

Round 3:

Suddenly on 19 August 2019, I received an mail from TCS stating I have cleared the digital exam and was shortlisted for the interview.

I went through Geeks for Geeks section of Interview Experience and kept on preparing.

The Interview 

The interview will be easy too. The questions asked are very simple. If you have the basics knowledge or I should say if you have studied your subjects to know things instead of learning just for the sake of your exam then you can easily solve those questions.

Tips for the interview:

  • the questions can be from anywhere DBMS, Data Structures, basics programming, operating systems etc
  • Please focus on your project. I was ready with my project and had already filed a patent for the same so they tested my knowledge on that project.
  • be truthful. A lie can never be the beginning of something great. If you don’t know it just say sorry I don’t know they don’t expect you to know everything they just want you to know the basics.
  • be prepared for the questions on digital Technologies like cloud computing, blockchain, AI etc.


Just be calm and compose. If you deserve it you will surely get the success.


Verdict Selected.

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