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TCS Digital Interview Experience | On-Campus

  • Last Updated : 14 Jan, 2022

Round 1:It was a National Qualifier Test which was held in our campus which comprises of verbal ability (which were mediocre if you have a good language proficiency).

Aptitude section: which is highly overrated and stressed was not that tough all you need is basic math budded with faith on your self as there is a negative marking which may hold you back from answering.

We’ll have a technical mcq type questions based on c, c++, java, data structures most of them were snippets where we had to choose the pertaining output and some of them being conceptual questions. Over all they were basic questions with a little bit time factor involved.

Finally the coding section with certain number of test cases. If you are from cse background or if you have a Knack in coding this section is an absolute cake walk but the compiler provided takes much time and mostly avoid giving the code in ‘c’.

After a few days i got a mail stating that i was eligible to give a shot at the tcs digital exam as i managed to make it into the creamy layer in NQT test.

Round 2:Digital exam

It was similar to NQT in terms of pattern.

Time to solve the verbal questions was too short and i had to rush to read the length and flowery vocabulary filled passages which were difficult to solve within that time. So u have to be very good in this section with the agility of solving.

Aptitude was 50% easy like questions on permutations and basic geometry and percentage based questions.And remaining being tricky and time taking.

Technical questions were mostly moderate but we have to type the output and there were no options provided.

Coding section was difficult where we were asked to provide optimal solution and my code was not that optimal and i was Outfoxed in this section.

I received a mail stating i cleared this exam and was eligible to appear for tcs tcs digital interview. 100 out of 400 students were selected for the interview round in sastra university.

Round 3: It was a  technical and HR round combined.

Initially i was asked to give him an overview of my resume and i started by giving them my details, abilities and techincal stuff and soon i  pounced on my project which is on deep learning and i made sure i got my best out in protraying the project which took around 20 min. They engaged with me and i was asked the platforms and the language (python) used and the libraries (keras, numpy, pandas) and was asked in what way i implemented these.

They asked me basic questions in c like call by value, call by reference, scope of a variable, how would you infer to an Infinite loop?

How would you use python libraries in c?(where i tried to give them different answers but they were not satisfied with my answers i guess!)

I was asked if i was good in java? and asked me what is ment by platform independent?

Final(), finally() difference.

If i knew scala language?( Which i handled it by saying was comfortable with python)

Immediately they asked me why python?

For which i answered them the perks using python and the agility at which we can learn and update ourselves using python.

Asked me regarding pointers, linked list and their future extension which we are using.(i explained them regarding Blockchain technology which is an obvious answer and I think they were pretty much impressed with that.

I was asked regarding digital technologies and about cloud computing(like is decentralisation better?) Implementation using AWS, AZURE.

why tcs?

Are you flexible working in any location and any shifts?


How would you rate yourself in discipline, loyality, Team work out of 10!?

They asked me to prove my  English language proficiency!(for  which i narrated an anecdote with flowery and catchy vocabulary)

Finally they wished me good luck and there ends my 50 odd minutes interview.

Verdict: selected.

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