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TCS Digital Interview Experience (On-Campus Virtual 2020)

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  • Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2022
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I’m from a Tier 2 college in Computer Engineering Branch. I gave one aptitude and one coding test at college level which made me eligible for this interview. Note that the aptitude test was not an eliminator, all students had to give both tests and combined results were used for shortlisting students for the interview.

Three people on the panel, two were female, one male. 

I think at least one person had my resume open on their screen. Also, I think that there was a lot of time constraint on the interviewers because midway through the interview, one of the ma’am actually said that we have a time constraint, so I’ll just ask two more questions on the topic that was being discussed at that time, and then we are done. And so the interview went for like 30-40 minutes max whereas online I’ve seen that it goes for 60-75 minutes.

Tell me something interesting about yourself? (something not mentioned on a resume). I thought that this shouldn’t be technical because I feel like that doesn’t make me interesting or anything, so I mentioned a certain hobby of mine which is not mentioned on my resume of course, and explained how I started with it.

Note: My interesting thing had some overlap with the recent lockdown.

  1. So follow-up was, How have you handled the lockdown, and what all have you done? I mentioned my nature to stay inside the home and how lockdown hasn’t really affected my usual routines as much. As for what I had done, I mentioned that Coursera had given courses for free to University students during the lockdown, so I spammed courses on Coursera. I literally used word spam as well :P. The courses I mentioned were about DS and Algo.

  2. Then the sir asked me what all courses have you done? So I said DS & Algo specialization as I mentioned before then there’s the Python with Data Science & Machine Learning course and also a YouTube course on Postgres. And explained the justification for studying each and what was taught in each of them.
  3. Then they said, You have done a lot of courses. But have you applied them anywhere? So I explained that the DS & Algo specialization was very useful for competitive programming competency and helped boost my confidence a lot. Then Data Science & ML course was required for the final year project for Plotting, Modelling, and everything in between.
  4. Then they asked me What languages do you know? I think they kinda assumed that I knew Python. So the question became, What else do you know? So I mentioned that I don’t have direct hands-on experience with C++ and Java, but I have used C++ at Jr. College for practicals and my theory on both C++ and Java is clear. And I have used C# for my Android AR app project using Unity.
  5. Tell me how to implement method overloading in Python? I surprisingly had actually studied this question before and just gave the answer that I had learned (a quick Google search would give you a better explanation than what I can give).
  6. Then tell me where you have used Postgres? So I mentioned that SQL is so common that it pops up everywhere like my Final Year Project, Practicals, and even in other smaller projects I have done.
  7. So they were like. You use Python as language and at the backend, you have SQL working? I said yeah
  8. Then ma’am was like you have talked about studying algorithms and what not so much, so let me ask you a simple programming question.
    You have a set of numbers. All numbers are in range 1 to N (where N is given). One number is missing in this
    Find out the missing number: No code writing or anything was required, just the idea needed to be explained.


    Input: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 with N = 8, missing number is 4.

    Solution: This is not a binary search though because the array is not sorted (I asked whether the array was sorted or not)
    Find sum of all integers from 1 to N [this is N * (N + 1) / 2]
    Find the sum of the array. The difference between the two is the result, this is an O(N) solution.

  9. Then ma’am was like, tell me about the final year project. All questions after this were just about the final year project in-depth, like really in-depth to the extent that she even gave suggestions as to what can be done to our current approach to improving on it, so you must be similarly well versed on what you have actually done in your projects. A lot of questions were asked and I think I answered them well enough.
  10. Then HR ma’am started. I’ll just give a brief of the questions asked, answers are not really important for these because they are pretty standard questions.

Told me that the bond period is 1 year.
And whether I would be ok with relocation or not.

You will be working in shifts and because of it you can be working long hours, are you ok with that?
Follow-ups, what if you have unreasonable working hours then how would you deal with it?
What if long working hours lead to health problems, then what would you do?

You are not used to living outside Maharashtra, how would you deal with that because you will most likely be relocated outside Maharashtra and a lot of criss cross-questions based on these.

And I guess that’s about it.
Overall I felt quite happy about my performance and at least the interview experience was very nice.

Result: I think it took like 1 week but finally I got the message of acceptance from the college side. And later I got the offer letter from the TCS NextStep Portal, so I’m relieved and happy about campus placements finally being over.

It wasn’t much but I hope this article helped you in some way.

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