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TCS Digital Interview Experience | On-Campus 2022 (Virtual)

Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2022
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In this article, I won’t just share my interview questions but also of my friends(50 to be precise) who got placed in TCS-Digital.

Our college is one of the premium colleges so TCS-Digital came On-Campus. There were 2 rounds for us 1st was OA(Aptitude+Coding) which was conducted on TCS-ION browser and next was Interview(TR, MR, HR) It is Digital so they require you to know Digital Technologies Search about them you will get to know them.

Online Assessment: This was first round which was divided into 3 sections also you cannot switch between sections. Also, there was sectional cutoff(One of my friend was not shortlisted for interview just because he was not able to solve many of verbal questions even though he had solved both coding questions).

  1. Verbal- Believe me this was the toughest as it had only 10 minutes for 15 questions be fast in this round.
  2. Aptitude- You will have enough time in this round i.e 35-40 min for 15 questions level of difficulty was easy-medium (check in pdf below).
  3. Coding Round- This round had different experience for all as the exam was in batches, some had got very easy basic problem while some had got  DP based questions. also very important note TCS compiler is worst it might not work in last 5-10 minutes so try to complete and compile your code as early as possible.

NOTE the following pdf consists of all Question for 2022 batch for round 1: 

Interview(TR, MR, HR): After OA results were declared after 1 week and I was shortlisted for an interview. It was on webex platform.  It was just one interview which had 3 interviewees TR, MR, HR which lasted for 30-40 minutes.

  • They took turns to ask questions Digital mainly requires DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES like ML, AI, etc. It is good if have a project in at least one and have basic knowledge about all . Many of my friends were asked questions on project/oops/ML like those who had projects in ML were asked in-depth about it.
  • NOTE the following pdf consist of all Question for 2022 batch for interview round(Guys this jackpot for you believe me 50 interview experience of my batchmate):
  • But I had a different experience.
  • I introduced myself and then first TR asked technical questions he told me not to explain the project and directly asked me my preferred programming language which I said JAVA and then started asking me questions on JAVA, OOPS. Like what is an abstraction, what is the difference between abstract class and interface, and many standard java questions(GOOGLE TOP JAVA INTERVIEW QUESTIONS AND YOU WILL GET MOST OF THEM)?

After TR, MR started asking questions actually my MR round went for more time than TR. He asked me questions to know me like more like

  • Do you get angry and when?
  • If you got offer from APPLE?
  • What if you are not selected?
  • Do you like a born leader or an Experienced Leader? etc
  • I answered all of them properly and in the end, HR just did the formalities of asking a couple of questions like are you ready to relocate/Pointer, etc. That’s it and it was done.

On Next day itself, I got to know from our TPC that I was selected for Digital. I felt really good. Believe me it is not very hard and you know what,

YOU CAN DO IT. Thank You.

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