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TCS Digital Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2022
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I am from the 2022 batch and study in tier 3 private college in Kolkata. TCS Digital visited our college in August 2021.

Round 1: In the first round, we had a technical-cum-aptitude test. We had to take the test from our home, there was no option for in-center.

The test was for 1 hour 50 minutes. It had three sections:-

  1. Verbal Ability (English):  15 MCQs were asked in this section. We had to solve the questions in 10 minutes. CAT, XAT type Reading Comprehensions, Para Jumble, Para Summary, basic grammar questions were there in the section. For this section, I would suggest you practice from any MBA exam study materials.
  2. Quantitative Ability (Maths): 25 MCQs were to be solved in 40 minutes. Questions were of CAT, SNAP, IIFT type. The topics from which questions were asked are: – Time and Distance, Time and Work, Geometry, Simple and Compound Interest, Numbers, Probability, Profit and Loss, Percentages, Ratio Proportions. For this section, again I would suggest you practice from any MBA study materials.
  3. Advanced Coding: 2 Programming questions were to be solved in 1hour. Different people had different questions. Both of my questions were from array manipulation.

After 15-20 days, I received an email, telling me that I had cleared the round.

Round 2: This round consisted of an interview. The manegerial, HR, and technical interviews were to be conducted together only. The interview was conducted through Microsoft Teams. I had to wait for 3 hours 20 minutes before my turn came for the interview. The interview was of 20 minutes (every student was interviewed for 20 minutes).

I had done a React-Redux front-end web development project. I also mentioned C, C++, SQL, Python, Javascript in my resume. They started asking questions about the project. They asked me to screen share and show them; the project was already deployed in Heroku. 

After showing all the features of the project, they asked me the following questions:

  1. What is the difference between class-based and functional components in React?
  2. What is re-rendering?
  3. How to prevent re-rendering?

Then they asked me some questions, from outside the project:

  1. What is data encryption?
  2. What are mainframes?
  3. What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?
  4. Explain some machine learning algorithms.
  5. What does the lock symbol at the address bar of a web browser signify?

After that some HR and managerial questions were asked:

  1. Would you like to be a CEO or CTO of a company?
  2. In TCS, in which technologies, you would like to work with?
  3. Would you object, if we transfer you to another city?
  4. Do you have any reservations about working on a support role?


After two days, results were declared. I was offered a Ninja profile.

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