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TCS Digital Interview Experience | On-Campus 2020

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TCS comes to our college for the Digital profile in the month of September 2020. After Registration, we have multiple mock tests on the TCS platform just to get more hands-on on the platform.

Round 1: Now at the beginning of October, we have two tests conducted on two different days  :

Day 1: It was mainly an aptitude, verbal test which is of medium level.

Day 2: Advanced Coding test consists of two problems conducted on the TCS platform. 

  1. Question 1: Given n, The next n(n-1)/2 lines will have the scores of the football match between the two teams. You have to find the team with the maximum points. It is given that the two teams will not have the same highest point. If two teams have the same score in a match then 1-1 points will be given to both else winning team will get 3 points and another team will get zero. 

    Input :
    A-B 5-6
    B-C 1-2
    A-C 2-2
    C 4
  2. Question 2: Given n, The next n lines will have the list of item’s with the price and quality that our country will require, and after that given m (n>=m), The next m lines will have the list of item’s with the price and quality that our country can produce. Now the government wants to minimize the cost of purchasing the required items. 

    Cars 1000 10
    Bike 5000 6
    Bike 4000 4

    Explanation: Since the country doesn’t produce any car so the government will import it. Cost=10000. Now the government will require 5000 bikes out of which nation is capable of producing 4000 bikes at a cheaper rate and the rest of bike 1000 will be imported. 

    So Cost = 10000 + 4000×4 + (5000-4000)*6

Luckily, I was able to solve both problems in 35 minutes in my first attempt.


  1. For the aptitude test presence of mind is important than the preparation for the same.
  2. For the Advance coding test, Believe me, only the name is advance but you will get simple questions(level will similar to code forces A and B in div2.).
  3. If you are regular to the competitive then like no preparation is even required, Just be confident and Clam.
  4. For the Coding round, you can submit your code 5 times only for each question.
  5. If you are done with the first question then only you can solve the second question.
  6. You can use your own IDE for the same.
  7. If you are using C++ then try to avoid auto keyword because the compiler on their platform is older.

Round 2: After one week, we will get the information on the results of the first round and the dates & timing of the next round. Just one day before one of the team members from the talent acquisition team conducted a brief meeting to inform us about the interview process. (Which was really helpful and great) . Now it’s interview time. Because of the Covid, it was a virtual interview.

Previously they used to have three different interview rounds (Technical, Managerial, HR) but for us, it was only round.

The interview took place on Microsoft Team, at there 3 interviewers were already there.

All three were kind and friendly.

After that they asked me to introduce myself, then they talked about my extracurricular activities which I mentioned in the resume. (They mainly just want to make sure that I’m not panicked any more in the interview). 

Now they asked me to tell you about my projects, I tell them about my SQL project, ML/DL projects in depth.

I also have a project on web development, but they didn’t ask any questions on that.

Now They asked me about my favorite programming language.

  1. Then C vs C++ vs Python.
  2. Then why you don’t know java.
  3. Then SQL vs NoSQL
  4. Then delete vs truncate in SQL
  5. Then basic definitions of data structures (like what is a stack, queue, linked list)

After all that they give me a scenario of airtel, in which the company wants to automate the customer querying and complain system. As currently, they are using email for the complaint and inquiry but now they want to automate this whole process. So what are the technologies will you use and how will you implement it?. Then some follow up questions on it.

After that, they asked me about my hobbies like mentioned in my resume, I have mentioned memes and space exploration, and they asked me to share my screen to see the memes that I have made and some little talk on space-time.

Then why you want to join TCS and do you think you will fit for the IT industry.

At last, they asked about the location preference.

And that’s it.

The Whole interview took around 55 minutes and it was a great learning experience.

Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2022
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