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TCS Digital Interview Experience

  • Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2022

TCS came to our campus for Digital profile for the domains of Big Data, IOT, Cloud Computing and BlockChain.
They referred me to a panel that consisted of technical members and an HR.

The HR first asked me to introduce myself.
They asked me to explain my projects and out of the first project all they could make out was web development.Thus they started asking me questions about HTML, CSS and Bootstrap which were like.
1.What if the HTML Tag is not used in a page?
2.What is the difference between HTML4 and HTML5?
3.What are Grids in Bootstrap?
4.What is the use of div tag?
5.Difference between CSS2 and CSS3.

The HR who was interviewing me left.
They then saw Hadoop on my resume and asked me questions on Hadoop and Hive.
1.Describe Hadoop structure.
2.What do you understand by Big Data?
3.Write a Hive query to extract certain data.(I do not remember the question well enough).
4.What will be the command to copy local file to HDFS?
5.What will be the command to copy file from HDFS to local file system?
6.What is HDFS?
7.Explain Map-Reduce.
8.What are internal and external tables in Hive?
9.What are Hadoop daemons.Explain their functioning.
He then asked me to explain more about my Big data project I had done using Python, Hive and Hadoop.
In the meanwhile another HR comes to take place of the HR who was present in the panel.

He then asked me a few DBMS questions.
1.Write a query to extract data.
2.Explain joins.
3.Give an example of first normal form in DBMS.
4.Explain 2nd and 3rd Normal form.
5.Explain MongoDB.

He asked me a few Data Structure questions then
1.Give an application of circular linked lists.
2.Write code for reversing a linked list.
3.What are linked lists?
4.What are double linked lists?When would you use them?
He then asked me what I understood of Cloud and Blockchain and I gave him some formal definitions with example.

Then begins the HR(who was not present for half of the interview).
She asks me my preference of working out of the offered technologies and if I would want to work for a Ninja position(TCS Regular) and why I wanted to work in TCS.

Once I finish answering she rudely tells how she finds my tone of speaking disruptive and how unsuitable my body language is and how unfit I am for working in a formal environment.Before I go on to speak something she proclaims how she is a professional with 4 years of experience and how I am just a fresher(she emphasised on this statement twice)and how I should take her advice.

TCS Digital was the worst interview experience I have ever had with extremely rude interviewers and a rude and in my opinion an unprofessional HR.
TCS however selected about 200 students from my college for the digital profile conducting their drive twice and I mean no offence to them by this post.

Wishing everyone luck 😀

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