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TCS Digital Interview Experience 2021

  • Last Updated : 31 Aug, 2021

TCS Digital Interview Experience

I wrote TCS digital in the month of August.

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The first round comprised of verbal, Quantitative aptitude, and coding section(Duration:110min)

Verbal section:10min(15ques)

We need to be very fast in the verbal section to score more. Practice from the sites like Indiabix.

Aptitude section:40min(15ques)

This time is sufficient for the people who have practiced aptitude daily for 1hr because we have more than 2 min for each question

Coding section:60min(2ques)

Questions are easy and time is quite sufficient to solve the problems

Round2 :

I had a Technical interview, Managerial interview, and HR interview at a time

Technical interview :

  1. What are pointers?
  2. What are polymorphisms and what types of polymorphisms?
  3. what is operator overloading?
  4. How to swap 2 numbers without a temp variable?
  5. There is only class and its methods in the program and there is no main function in it?Will the program compile?
  6. Tell the logic for finding factorial and Fibonacci
  7. How do u allocate and deallocate the memory in c++?
  8. What are shallow copy and deep copy?
  9. What is a copy constructor?
  10. What is function overloading?

Managerial interview :

  1. Tell me about your project(Asked cross-questions on that)
  2. Asked about the extracurricular activities and teams which we have mentioned in our resume. They asked what role u have played in these teams?

HR interview :

  1. How do u deal with network issues?
  2. How u have managed the lockdown period?
  3. Are u comfortable with shifts?
  4. Any location preferences?
  5. Any specific role in digital?
  6. Plan for higher studies?
  7. Difference between digital and ninja
  8. Where do u see yourself in 5 years?
  9. Why TCS?
  10. Any project in digital technologies?
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