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TCS Digital Interview Experience (2020-2021)

Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2022
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Round 1 (Aptitude Test): This was the first round of the placement process. It was held on TCS ION platform and online proctoring was on as it was held virtually, and we gave it from home. The round consisted of verbal, quant, logical, and domain.

Round 2 (Coding Test):

The next round will be a coding round that will have two coding problems of moderate level. A little coding knowledge will get you through

Round 3 (Interviews):

After successfully clearing the above two rounds you will get an interview call from the recruiters.

The interview had 3 people (Technical, Managerial, and HR). The Technical interviewer started the interview by Tell me about Yourself and by the time I could finish my WiFi stopped working and i was disconnected. I connected again with my mobile hotspot, apologized, and they were quite ok with it and told me to calm down and start again. 

Be confident about the things you mention in tell me about yourself because he will ask most of the questions from it.

I was asked about my favorite programming language which was a python and the questions that followed were:

About lists, different methods on the list, Implementing data structures in python, and I was asked to write the syntax for finding one duplicate element present in an array. 

He asked me about blockchain as I mentioned I worked on it in tell me about Yourself and asked me for some packages in python.

After that, the managerial one asked me about oops like runtime and compile-time polymorphism and static methods.

Then later the hr asked me how I spent my time in lockdown and will I continue my job if I win 1 crore in a lottery? 

He asked me about TCS and if I will be able to manage my time as I was quite active in sports and other activities.

Then he asked if I had any questions and I asked some questions about the company’s work culture.

The Interview lasted for almost 1 hr 15 minutes, and I was selected.

Tips: Just be confident and try to answer as much as you know and deny anything that you don’t know. The interviewers were very friendly and you will get relaxed as soon as the interview starts. So be calm and you will be good to go.

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