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TCS Digital Interview Experience 2019 (Through CodeVita)

Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2022
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Hello Geeks. I solved only 1 problem in CodeVita 2019 and 3 of my problems passed partial test cases so I was directly called for Interview in Kolkata. Here I’ll be discussing about my Interview experience on the basis of which I got an offer in the “Digital” profile.

My reporting time was 8 am so I reached half an hour before in anxiety. Nearly around 250 candidates was present in my batch, our documents was verified at first and was waiting in the seminar hall for my name to be announced. Since my friends had interview a day before so I knew it would take some time and not to panic. I was going through some graph algorithm in GeeksforGeeks and suddenly my name got announced after 12 pm.


 I entered the room with a nervous smile and saw three Interviewer, Two of them were sitting opposite to me and the 3rd one beside me, I greeted them and was told to make my self comfortable. Lets start with the introduction of the Interviewer:

  1. The lady HR sitting beside me (HR)
  2. The Technical guy sitting with a Mac with my CodeVita code in front of the screen (Coder)
  3. The 3rd one was a Managerial guy with deep Technical knowledge as well (Lead)

I would dictate my Interview in a conversational fashion so, lets get started:

HR: Introduce your self.

Me: Started my formal introduction to which she interrupted and told me to tell something else which is not in my CV, So I introduced them with my family, my hobbies, my technical strength etc. She questioned frequently while I was giving my Introduction.

HR: Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

Me: I confidently told my answer to which three of them exchanged a laugh and commented “Big Dreams” but I managed to convince them with my answer.

Coder: Why have you solved only 1 question in 6 hours (Making me feel guilty and increase my nervousness)

Me: Explained about the difficulties faced and time consumed in other partially submitted problems.

Coder: Why have you chosen C++ as your preferred language to code and why not Java?

Me: I explained my point regarding the language selection and was constantly defending my Java (They were trying to prove Java to be better but I tried my best to explain why C++ would be best for competitive coding)

Coder: Asked many questions about my code, Its time complexity, How will the time complexity be decreased and also appreciated my Structured coding style including the naming convention I followed.

Me: I answered each and every question with confidence as I had done my HW properly.

Lead: Asked about my projects & learnings.

Me: I explained in brief the projects and technologies used along with all the courses I have done so far.

Lead: For a moment become a Layman and make a class II student understand the difference between HTML and CSS in the simplest way possible.

Me: I explained the difference using my pen as an example to which they were impressed.

Lead: Can you tell me how many squares are there in a Chessboard?

Me: I said 64 (confidently). He again uttered the same question & then I realized that he is asking for all the combinations of squares possible. I interrupted him and start making them count so he was satisfied and told me to write a program to count the no of squares possible. I wrote a pseudo-code immediately to which they agreed and then told me to derive the time complexity and I did the same, after which I was told to decrease the time complexity of the program and Hurrah! I did that as well and was able to do that in O(1) time.

Lead: Blocking some of the squares on the chessboard (Made on the paper by me) making a pattern and was asked whether it is possible to go from one corner to the other. If yes, write the program and elaborate it.

Me: Yes, (After thinking for some time) I wrote the code and explained it as well.

Coder: Explain why is Array more useful than any other tree/graph data structure?

Me: Explaining the advantages of an Array with respect to other data structure, In this question only they asked me about all the graph data structures and their applications.

Coder: Tell me the number of ways by which you can give input to a C program?

Me: I told the different ways and then he asked description about the command line approach for giving input to which I explained it in details providing the command and explaining all the parameters.

Lead: Can you tell me why a manhole cover/sewer on roads are usually circular in shape?

Me: Explained different ways but they were not much satisfied.

Lead: Asked me about the different platforms I have used for competitive coding and also asked my HackerEarth Rank.

Lead: What are your plans after this Interview and what new courses you will be enroling into?

Me: I just told my wishlist about ML.

The Interview lasted for more than Half an Hour and at the end I was asked If I have any problems on relocation, they also asked me If I have any questions for them to which I said “No” and then the Lead (After an exchange of word with his colleagues) told me to wait outside for the 2nd Round. I was the first candidate who was told to wait in my batch.


After waiting for 2 hours I was finally called inside. There were Three Young Interviewer and all of them was technical in background. At first I was told to tell something about myself on which I gave my full Introduction.

T1: Told to explain any one of my project in details.

Me: I explained my Android project in details with its functionalities and packages used.

T2: What is multiple Inheritance? What are the languages used? Why C++ still uses the same?

Me: I explained the above with simple real-life examples & then told about the Virtual class in C++ which resolves the issue of multiple Inheritence.

T1: I was told to write and explain the algorithm for 3 different scenarios/problems given at that very moment with minimised time complexity. ( Judging my Instant response/approach )

Me: Solved the above giving my best (Some were solved with Dynamic approach and some with Greedy)

T2: Write an Algorithm to find the list of Prime Numbers in a given range.

Me: I just explained the “Sieve of Eratosthenes” Algorithm and they were done with it.

T3: Write a program to calculate the angle between the minute hand and the hour hand of the clock at any particular time provided.

Me: Fortunately I knew the formula and Instantly wrote the program with O(1) time complexity (They appreciated me for that)

T2: Tell me something about ML and its link with AI.

Me: I explained as much as possible to which they were more or less satisfied.

T2: What is Neural Network? How did the Idea came from ? What are its real life Implementation?

Me: I knew only the basics and some example but still I managed to deliver it properly.

T3: Asked some Industry related ethical questions with scenarios and was told to give my prompt on it.

T2: Asked me about the Social Activity which I participated in.

Me: I told them about all my activities explaining my roles in particular.

T1: Gave me an array of numbers and told to fetch one on a given solution.

Me: I was able to do it (after taking some time) with the concept of Upper_Bound & Lower_Bound.

Finally after half an hour they were done with my Interview and then shook hands with me and wished me Good Luck for my future endeavours.

Result: I was the only one in my college to get a “Digital” offer from TCS through CodeVita.


  1. Never be quite, try to speak up whatever your mind is thinking.
  2. Don’t exaggerate your answer, keep it simple and informative.
  3. Don’t hesitate to say “No”, always keep in mind that we are students & not professionals.
  4. Always have a little smile on your face don’t show anger at all.
  5. Always show that you are ready to learn new things don’t be afraid of new challenges.

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