TCS Digital Interview Experience

Round 1: It consists of 3 sections (pattern changed a bit this year):

  • Quant (around 15 Questions in 40 min)
  • Verbal (around 15 Questions in 10 min)
  • Coding Question (2 Questions have to solve in 1 hour)

Round 2 (Interview): So In this interview experience I am sharing my experience when I was shortlisted for the digital interview via digital exam (for TCS premier institutes). Let’s start…

There were 3 panelists (TR, MR, HR)


  • Introduce yourself (most important question, it drives your interview most of the time….).
  • Tell me about your projects.
  • As I have mentioned DSA, SQL, C++, and C in my skills hence I was questioned on the basics like
  • Questions asked based on Inner Queries (SQL), JSP, servlet lifecycle (as my project was based on these), then I was asked to tell the approach of a problem based on the array (related to duplicacy of elements and their manipulation, an easy one).
  • Which Java version you have used? And what features were introduced in that ?

That’s all from TR.

Then MR and HR asked me:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Tell me about your hobbies, strength, weakness (asked a question about IPL as I had mentioned Cricket as my Area of interest)
  • What’s your say on work-from-home ?
  • Relocation problem ?
  • Work – shift issue ?
  • Tell me about your city ?
  • Why TCS ?
  • Tell me about TCS ?

Then they discussed service bond and that’s all from them.

My interview lasted around 45 minutes.

Result: Ninja Offered

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