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TCS Digital Hiring Interview Experience 2018

Last Updated : 14 Jan, 2022
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Round 1 : ONLINE TEST CONSISTS OF verbal, quantz, agility, lateral thinking and coding.

Round 2 : Technical, Managerial and HR interview in Skype.

Cleared Round 1 and for Round 2,

Entering into the room : Panel 1

As 3 HR’s are well versed in German, Some general discussions about German and Germany and TCS – Germany relationships and Indo German Chamber of Commerce.

Personal HR :

  1. What is your hobby ?
  2. How do you come to College ?
  3. What is the disadvantage in your college ?
  4. Why have you chosen **** institute of Technology ?
  5. How many steps do you walk to reach this room ?
  6. When do you lie and Why ?
  7. Say your Self Introduction only about your achievements, projects and leaderships ?
  8. Now (The real TCS Digital Interview Begins ) …

Say your self Introduction reversely ie., From Thank You to saying your name.

Technical HR and Managerial HR :

9)Can you tell me some points which you have heard from your Pre Placement Talk?

10)WHEN do you cry?

11)Explain your life from your first cry till today ?

12) Would you like to ask some question ?

13)Why EIE to IT domain?

14)Why should I not hire you?

My Question : Of Course sir, First of all I would like to congratulate TCS for stepping into 50 th Year Anniversary.Being founded in 1968, What TCS had taken initiatives for the upliftment of downtrodden or poor people’s education?

HR’s Answer : Thank You, Very valuable question.I would like to quote that TCS associates have been a part of many NGOs and doing many valuable things for poor people’s education.

RESULT : Since it is an off-campus drive held in TamilNadu.NONE GOT SELECTED including those who developed an android app in machine learning except few from the same host college.


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