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TCS Digital Experience 2019 | Last Minute Preparation

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Hello guys,

TCS Digital 2019 results are out and I am kinda surprised. I really like to share my experience with you all, because it was a real surprise for me.

If you are a first or second year student, that’s great ! You have a lot of time to get prepared. So don’t be pressured.

Take your time and try learning new technologies as much as you can.

If you are a third year, and it’s your last minute preparation, even better ! You are just like me.

I am a dreamer, but I didn’t prepare well for my placements until our placements started in 3rd year.

If any first/second years are reading this, please try out many projects on your own and acquire experience with new technologies.

So this is how it all started.

You can qualify for TCS Digital in 3 ways. 

  1. Apply for TCS Digital aptitude test if you are in one of the TCS premium colleges.
  2. Compete in CodeVita.
  3. Participants performing high in Ninja gets recommended for TCS Digital aptitude exam.

In any of these three ways you can get qualified to TCS Digital interview.

Note : If you have doubt whether your college is premium or not , it’s best to ask your placement cell about it.

Preparation for the exam :

For TCS Digital aptitude test, it is an advanced online test where we have to manage time efficiently.

I got selected for interview through TCS Digital aptitude test and I must admit that, it was a real surprise for me.

I wasn’t well prepared but, let me provide some links that were useful for me.


Not just TCS Digital questions, I tried to solve as much aptitude questions as I can and tried to learn shortcuts to solve them, as time is a huge criteria.

When it comes to Codevita, one should be really good at coding. Try solving previous Codevita questions.

TCS Ninja is easy to crack when compared to Digital, but still has it’s standards. And you have to score high, to be recommended for TCS Digital test. To prepare for Ninja, try going through this link :

If you are recommended for TCS Digital through TCS Ninja, you have to clear Digital Test too.

After being shortlisted for the Digital Interview, that’s where my preparation started.

From my googling research (Yes, I googled for the previous interview experiences.), I found that our projects have a huge importance.

I had 5 days to prepare and I started from the base. I had no ideas about anything and yes, I didn’t even have a single project at hand.

Before going for Digital Interview, you should have some basic knowledge about these technologies :

  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Machine Learning.
  • Deep Learning.
  • Natural Language Processing.
  • Blockchain.
  • Cloud Computing.
  • Big Data.
  • Internet Of Things.

Having projects on these topics will be great.

This link :  was of great use for me. It helped me create my projects.

My projects were a retrieval type chatbot and a face detector. They will ask a lot about your projects and your experience.

Note :  Your CV/Resume is of great importance. Make it attractive (in a formal way).

There will a lot of questions from the information you have provided in your CV.

There was only one round.

My panel was interested in Cloud Computing and most of the questions were based on that.

My interview questions :

  • About me.
  • What is cloud Computing ?
  • Cloud Computing providers.
  • Advantages of cloud computing.
  • Difference between cloud computing and traditional way.
  • Experience in cloud computing.
  • About my project.
  • ML algorithm.
  • OOPS concept.
  • SDLC
  • My favorite Programming language and about it.
  • Write algorithms : easy ones like array reversal.
  • About TCS.
  • Why this job ?
  • Location preference.
  • My best quality.
  • Why should we hire you ?

These are some of the questions I remember. It took about 45 minutes.

The results were out within 2 days and I got the Ninja offer.

If you are planning for the Digital.

Projects and experience with new technologies is really important.

Hope it helps.

All the very best.

Last Updated : 18 Aug, 2019
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