TCS Codevita Season 9 Interview Experience

For ECE students, Kolkata 

I gave my round 1 on 16 august and solved only one question fully and one partially. Fortunately i got a rank of around 8k on  1st sept. .Then after 10 days i.e. 10 sept. got the mail for my interview which is scheduled on 15 september from 10 am to 5 pm at microsoft team platform virtually. 

Now the most awaited Interview Date came (15 SEPT 2020): 

Well i am ready with my preparation and sit on a silent room at 10 a.m. and waiting for the interviewer call.  So my wait ends at 3:30pm . They said to join the interview within 5 minutes. So, last time i see my introduction lines and join : 

There was 3 panelist, call them as TR, MR, HR for simplicity. 

Now the First voice from HR side came and he said me to introduce myself shortly and relate it with codevita contest( shocked but handled and answered it with cracking voice).  After this TR starts his series of questions: 

1) What is OOP’s?  ( explained) 

2) What are its advantage? (explained) 

3) Tell me some features of OOP’s . (explained all features like encapsulation, abstraction, inheritence…..and many more) 

4) What is Friend Function? (explained) 

5) What is Method Overloading and Overriding? (explained) 

6) Which language you use the most and why ? ( I say CPP and give some reason regarding Robust STL support and OOP paradigm) 

7) Then he ask why you use python as mentioned in CV ? (yes but this is my second choice and i learn it to do my ML project ) 

8) CPP is full object oriented language or partially?  ( explained) 

9) Exception handling  And four keyword used (i.e. try, catch, throw and finally)  -(explained) 

10) Why throw and use. ( not able to give answer . so i say sorry and look forward) 

11) Do you know file handling and DBMS. Explain them.   (explained) 

12) What is Normalization?  ( explained) 

13) Explain your Final year Project. ( explained) 

14) why we use ARDUINO? ( give reason) 

15) Then he ask a time related question with ARDUINO  which i dont know. 

16) What is Semi conductor?  ( explained) 

17) How to strengthen semiconductor? ( explained) 

FINALLY TR round finish and a lady came whom i alias MR: 

1) She asked me are u nervous? ( no i am excited) 

2) did you take your lunch? 

3) Then she asked me which programming language you don’t like. (  I say SQL) 

4) If you work on SQL in company then you do your job or leave. 

5) Then see ask about my family members. 

6) Willling to Reallocate. 

7) Night Shift related. 

8) Overtime in office. 

Then HR came with his expressionless voice which makes any happy-confident person to a sad-depressed person. 

He asked me 2 situation based question and both are very tricky. 


Waiting for result….

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