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TCS Codevita Interview Experience (September – 2020)

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I am an electrical engineering student. I solved 1 question in TCS Codevita Round and got rank aroung 7k. Got call for an interview on 15th September, 2020. You will get instruction around a week before interview.

Interview begins after some document verification with 3 interviewers :-

Lady HR :- If we give you night shifts, so will you be interested to work.

Me :- I had not directly said “Yes”. I gave reason that it will take time to change my habits. ( HR said you should be adaptable to the working scenario of your organization ).

Techical HR :- As you are from electrical, so what is your favourite subject ?

Me :- Data Structure and Algorithm

Technical HR :- What is the height of a binary tree ?

Me :- log2(n) ( He said whether n will be odd or even ). I said it can be odd or even we have to take ceil of this. So, finally i said ceil(log2n).

Technical HR :- Ask approach to convert a given infix to postfix expression.

Me :- I explained using two stacks, he said its partially correct. I forget about the precedence of operators at that time.

Techniical HR :- Tell me about types of linked list and difference between them ?

Me :- Answered

Technical HR :- He gave a row and column value, and asked to print the diagonal elements of matrix.

Me :- Wrote code, but i have not seen value of row and column. After that i said it should be square matrix.

Managerial HR :- He asked about my strengths and weakness which will help their organization ?

Me :- Answered, he asked explain a scenario that why you this is your strength.

Managerial HR :- He again asked me that ” Are you comfortable to work in Night Shifts “. I dont know what they want to hear, I said him “Yes”. He said dont say ‘Yes” in pressure just feel comfortable and then answer.

Tips :- In my case, interview was online so be in formal. Keep documents ready with you ( Semester grade sheets, 10th, 12th marksheet). Questions will be general and easy, so answer appropriately. They looks for short and to the point answers.

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Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2022
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