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TCS Codevita Interview Experience (September 2020)

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Round 1: The first round was an online coding round which consists of six questions that you need to solve in 6 hours. I was able to solve only 1 question completely and secured a rank around 10k and qualified for the second round.

I received a mail on 10th September 2020 that I have been shortlisted for a Pre-Placement Interview with Tata Consultancy Services Limited. The interview was scheduled for 9th September for those students who got rank upto 2200 and for the rest of the students’ interview dates were not mentioned. 

I got mail on 20th September in the evening that your interview is scheduled for 21st September between 2.00 PM to 5.00 PM.

Interview Round: The virtual interview was conducted on Microsoft Meet. My interview was between 2.00 to 5.00 PM, so I had joined the meeting through the link at 2.00 PM but I had to wait for a long time and my interview was started at 4.00 PM

There were two peoples one was TR and another was MR and MR told me that your technical interview will be conducted first then your HR will conduct after 5.00 PM.

So, Technical Round is started:

First Question: Tell me about yourself

I have mentioned in my resume that my interest in Competitive coding and I know Python and Machine Learning. But his next question was:

  1. Explain about JVM, JDK, and JRE.
  2. Why call by reference not happens in Java?
  3. Then, he asked some questions related to Python like docstring, PEP8, and how Python different from Java.
  4. Then he asked me how much will you rate yourself in Data Structures and Algorithms out of 5.
  5. Then he asked me whether I know SQL and DBMS.
  6. Then he asked me how much I will rate myself in DBMS out of 5?
  7. Then, next, he asked me to write a query to find the first 4 characters of column FIRST_NAME in the table.
  8. Then, he asked me one more query.
  9. Thereafter, he gave me a pseudo-code on Java and told me to write output in the comment box.
  10. Then he asked me about the socket in OS?
  11. Then he asked me about De-normalization and preemptive multi-tasking and direct access method.
  12. Thereafter, he asked me to explain to me about my projects.
  13. Then, MR asked me which city I have traveled to, and am I ready to work anywhere in India?

Then they told me that your HR will happen at 5 PM

HR Round: They asked me to show my documents and ID-Proof and then he asked me why I choose Python?

  • Then he asked me to tell difference between Python and C/C++ and then asked me how memory manage in Python?
  • Asked me about PLSQL and thereafter he asked me where I see myself after 5 years.
  • He asked me which is more required whether technical or managerial.

I answered both then he asked me to explain how. I explained to him, Then, he asked me about my family.

It was last about 20 minutes.

After 15 days I got mail that I have been selected for TCS Ninja profile.

I have mentioned in my resume that I’m good at coding but they didn’t ask me a single question from it and neither they asked about the code which I have solved in Codevita and they also didn’t ask me about my projects.

Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2022
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