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TCS Codevita Interview Experience (Off-campus 2019)

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  • Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2022

I solved 4 problems in Codevita 2019. So i was directly called for interview in Hyderabad.

There were almost 300-400 students out of where 3 from our college.The process starts at 2pm and i was called around 5 in evening.

Before discussing how my interview was gone, let me tell you the stuff that i gathered from my firends who entered for interview befor me.

candidate 1:He belong to ECE department and was asked to write the code for his project, and the code for problem solved in codevita.

candidate 2:He was asked to write code for swapping of 3 numbers and matrix multiplication without using (*) symbol.

There were 10 panels in the interview room, and i was called fro interview for panel number 10.

There was only 1 interviewer in all the 3 rounds and the interview went through as follows:

Round 1: Technical Round

Interviewer:Tell me about your self?

Me: Told about me briefly.

Interviewer:Are you aware of SQL, MYSQL?

Me: Yes sir, i know how to work with sql, mysql.

Interviewer:How many problems did you solved in codevita and what are the languages did you used for solving?

Me:sir, i solved 4 problems and i used c for solving 2 problems, and remaining in python.

Interviewer:can you write the code for printing the primes with in given range?

Me:Definitely sir, and he told me to write in resume backside, and i asked can i write logic or whole code he told me to write just logic and i  started writing logic and written just for loops he asked how many do you want to write, i told 5 minutes to write and as well as for                    checking and explained code successfully and he was satisfied .

Interviewer:I think you prepared well for this interview(with a smile)?

Me:(with a smile)Yes sir.

Interviewer:How much time are you waiting outside?

Me:I was waiting from 2Pm.

Interviewer: OK hoping you would just utilize this opportunity.

Me:(with a smile)Definitely sir, thank you.


Round 2:Managerial round

Interviewer:Tell me about your self?


Interviewer:define IOT?

Me:Interacting with things by using internet.

Interviewer:Explain me about the projects you did?

Me:explained the project briefly with some tension but the concept of project is clearly reached to Interviewer, and was asked some questions         on project.

Interviewer:How can you overcome your pressure?

Me:Told her with an example.

Interviewer:What are the difficulties did you faced during your projects?

Me:I belong to cs stream but my first project is iot based project, i dont how to connect pins and etc i used to take help of my friend who belongs to ece stream.I learnt how to connect them in 15 days and over-come  my difficulties.

Interviewer:Get ready for your HR Round.

Me:(with a smile)Ok thank you mam.

Round 3:HR Round

Interviewer:Give me your TCS application form.


Interviewer:Can you solve puzzles?

Me:Yes mam.

Interviewer: I am at center and i can move to my right side door in one hour twenty minutes, similarly in left and back but i moved to my front door with in eighty minutes WHY?

Me:Mam, i think you walked fast.

Interviewer:No i walked with constant speed and distance is same to every door, don’t use your cse formula’s and use your logic(with smile)?

Me:I started thinking and told that one hour twenty minutes means 80 minutes only mam.

Interviewer: YA..that’s it the answer.

Interviewer:why TCS?

Me:I used to hear the word TCS from my child hood, so i just want to join in Tcs.

Interviewer:Are you ready to join TCS Orissa?

Me:Yes, i am ready to join in TCS Orissa.

Interviewer:Then what about your parents if you go there?

Me: Mam, initially i will go and join and after i reach better position i will shift my parents to there.

Interviewer:Are you the only son?

Me:No mam, i was having an elder brother.

Interviewer:what is he doing?

Me:He was taking  embedded system course.

Interviewer:do you have any questions for me?

Me:can you tell what is the role that is going to be giving to the fresher?

Interviewer:It’s completely depends on Technical department.



1.Prepare your resume with the content what your strong.

2.prepare for the most common questions asked in interview.

3.Be confident and keep smile while answering.





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