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TCS Codevita Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 08 Oct, 2020

My rank in TCS CODEVITA  written test is 4006. I have done 2 questions out of 6 questions.

  1. A minimum number of platforms required such that no train can wait for others.
  2. I could not remember 2 one properly but it is based on the queue(data structure) and it is easy to question.

After 1 month I got a mail regarding my interview and it is on 26 Sep 2020 but due to technical issues I have not attended the interview but however, the half an interview was done. Basically, There were 3-panel members TR, MR, HR. Firstly, They  asked my identity I have shown them my pan card they took a screenshot of it and started my interview 

The first question was everybody knew it already 

  • Yah! You are right. Tell me about yourself?


  • Next, He asked me about my written test experience?


He gave a String and asked me to share my window and open editor because of my low internet connection my laptop go stuck, and I was tensed, and he said maybe your internet is not working properly shall I reschedule it and I have been waiting for this I said please Sir!

Question: The given is “Vignesh is taking Code vita test” and asked me to count the number of times the “code” words will appear in the given string.

I know the answer, and I am curious to write but what we can do if our time is bad.

Let me explain the solution shortly First, we have to traverse the whole string by comparing character to character if matches continue is we get full match simple increment count but we make sure that suppose there is a string like “ccode” in this case 2nd character is not matching but the first character is matching so start from 2nd character again I think you understand.

My rescheduled interview, same 3-panel members

  • Tell me about yourself?


  • It was asked by MR to tell me what projects have you done.

   2 projects Online Quiz application, Home pages both are done using front end languages.

She asked me how to redirect from one page to another page and share your screen.

Opened notepad and written “<a href =””>Click me</a>” and Explained it. Some discussion went on the project.

  • Which language you now well?

    Answered JAVA.

  • What are the other technical languages do you know other than java?

    I said C++, I rated myself on them JAVA 7.5 and C++ 6.5.

  • Tell me the difference between java and C++?


  • She asked me to write a code for the Fibonacci series.
  • She gave a program and said write it in notepad? The reverse of number?.
  • Which inbuilt function in java do you find difficult?

    I said, Comparator function.

  • Suddenly, Another person started speaking ok tell me What are Collections?


  • Difference between list and set?


  • Can we maintain insertion order in a set like a list?

    Answered using the Hash set.

  • How can we get order inset

    Answered using Tree Set for ascending

  • Then for the question came for descending?

    Using reverse order function(I do not correctly answer but said it confidently).

  • He asked to write a program Describing question A student Class is their class variables age, name, salary and there are 10 students. Sort them according to salary?

First, I said I will create an array of objects of length 10, and using if-else statements I will sort them He helped me why not to use Comparator as you said previously while writing code using comparator Collections .sort(list,——) he interrupted me and do you know Collections. Compare method I said No sir, that ok. He asked do you know Streams I said No that’s the end of my TR and MR.

HR Round: HR is simple just basic questions like 

  1. Any backlogs, Any Study Gap?
  2. Willing to reallocate?
  3. Night shifts ok or not?

Thank you! And I am waiting for the results. I think it’s helpful for your preparation.

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