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TCS Codevita Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 03 Jul, 2020

”’TCS CodeVita has been proudly promoting the Programming-As-A-Sport culture among global students. CodeVita is a contest where individuals across the globe participate and compete to win the coveted ‘World’s Best Coder’ title.”’ 


Every year TCS conducts Codevita for promoting the Programming-As-A-Sport culture among global students. But what most of you might not know is that if you can solve even one problem in the competition you would be called up for a direct interview skipping the aptitude and reasoning rounds that the other campus graduates would go through. Moreover, you would be given a chance to redeem yourself as TCS DIGITAL for higher packages of 7.5 LPA. 

After clearing CODEVITA you will be called up for an interview within 14 days of the results. 

Round 1: Please be thorough with your solved problems in Codevita. 

Panel1: Please tell us which problem you solved. 

Me: Problem 1,3,5. explained the problem. Nervously. 

Panel2: ok good. Is this your first interview? 

Me: Yes sir. 

Panel2: Please explain DFS that you used in problem 2. 

Me: Explained DFS. 

Panel1: What is the difference between BFS & DFS. 

Me. Explained 

Panel2: You may go now, our subject matter expert will take care. 

Round 2: Please focus on the concepts of OOPS and the semantics of your preferred language. 

Panel1: Ok. So I see you coded in Python. Why Python? 

Me: Explained why I find it simple and easy. 

Panel1: Please elaborate on Polymorphism and Abstraction? What is a friend function in C++? Can we execute a program without the main class in c++? 

Me: Explained all and how we can execute a java program without a main method by using a static block. 

HR: Your GPA is low, Can you please explain why? 

Me: Gave all the possible answers. :-p 

HR: You are ready to work in any location in India? 

Me: Yes 

Panel1: Suppose I have an array of n integers. Can you tell me what is the way to find the length of the longest maximum subsequence? 

Me: Explained Kadanes Algorithm.: 

Panel1: What does this mean: *args, **kwargs? And why would we use it in python? 

Me: Didn’t know the answer. 

Panel1 & HR: You may go now, If required we will call you. 

Round 3 : Not Applicable for me. 

After a long wait of 31 days, we received a mail that we have been accepted into TCS and have to accept/reject the offer letter in 7 days. 

Please work on the basic concepts of DS, Algo, and the basics of ML, Cloud Computing too as I have heard recently they are asking questions on that for TCS Digital projects. 

I didn’t perform that well. But if you have a cgpa of 7.5+ and perform well in the interviews you will be called up for round 3 and if all goes well you will be offered a post in TCS Digital. 


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