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TCS Codevita Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 03 Feb, 2020

Round 1: CodeVita – The TCS Global Coding Contest

Participants who could solve at least one coding question were called for the interview. There were 6 coding questions, the 3 of them were pretty straight forward and required knowledge of Data Structures like HashSet, HashMap, Stack, Queue. 3 out of the 6 questions were actually more based on implementation rather than core logic. Knowledge of the above mentioned Data Structures can really make the contest fruitful. Questions 4, 5 and 6 required HardCore Coding ability along with Graph Theory and Dynamic Programming (Medium Level). All the major programming languages were supported and it is recommended to appear for Mockvita, so that you have no issues with compiler and all.

No partial points are awarded for any question and the easiest problem may be a simple Ad-Hoc question.

Above all, don’t get involved in any kind of plagiarism and try to comment down all the resources(websites) you have used or copied some code or algorithm. They take plagiarism very seriously and you might not be able to get a call for an interview.


Round 2: 

You might end up waiting 6-7 hours for the Interview. So I recommend keeping some snacks along with.

There were 3 panelists, one of them was HR and the other two were from technical background.

It started with the same usual question “Tell me about Yourself”

They asked me to give a quick summary of how I solved the questions on Codevita.

Three programming questions were asked, 2 of them were pattern printing and the last one was a very simple string manipulation question. Patterns included Pascal’s triangle and Numerical Pyramid.

Link to Pascal’s triangle :

Numerical Pyramid :

Link to solution :

I don’t exactly remember the string question, but it was pretty easy. Later I came to know that Brute Force solutions were also accepted by them.

The interviewer majorly focused on OOPs and DBMS. This is the key to the interview, if you satisfactorily answer these questions you might end up with an offer with TCS Digital.

At the end we discussed about my project and this went for another 5 minutes.

The HR asked some questions about hobbies and family and why I chose TCS.

At last we shook hands and exchanged greetings.

Image Source : Taken from my PC.

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