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TCS Codevita Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2022
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Hello every one, here I am sharing my interview experience
After clearing the codevita round-I.Suppose if you get rank below 5000 in codevita round-I you will be called for an interview.You will get interview call before 5 days of your interview.
There will be three rounds in interview.They are TR, MR and HR.

Round 1:

Interviewer:Are you familiar with C++?
Me:NO, Sir.
Interviewer:You are from CSE then why don’t you know C++?
Me:I know basics sir, but I was more familiar with java and python sir.
Interviewer:What is the difference between c and c++?
I told him some basic differences like c is procedural language where as c++ is both procedural and object oriented language and so on…
Interviewer:Tell me can I declare String s in python ?
Me:Yes sir, in python there is string data type
He asked me about my project, I explained it and asked me to write a few lines of code related to my project and I wrote it
Interviewer:Do you have any idea about SQL?
Me:Yes sir
He asked me to write two basic Queries in SQL like retrieving details of a person whose CID is 101 and display details of all persons whose salary is greater than 2000.I wrote it.
He gave me a C code and asked me whether it will execute or not or any compilation error will occur.
I answered those questions also.
He asked how to know the version of python i.e command.
Then he asked about RAM and JVM and I explained him and asked some basic questions related to subject.
Then he asked me to go to MR

Round 2:

In MR she gave me a few real life situations that will occur in company and asked me how I will handle those situations and she asked me about my future project which I was planning to do in my next semester and some casual conversation happened.

Round 3:

In HR she asked me basic questions like Why TCS?
Tell me some Recent Technologies and asked my strengths and so on…

After 10 days I received an email from TCS that I was Selected.


Be thorough with your resume.It is not so hard to clear that interview.In TR 90% TR people will ask about the topics which is in your resume only.There are 10% chances there are few Tr’s who won’t ask you questions related to your resume.Be confident with your answers.

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