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TCS CodeVita Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 26 Aug, 2019

In round one of tcs code vita i had solved one question and second i was trying but i couldn’t solve.Still they watch your all codes during interview.

I was only one from my college. So they called me for interview at their company campus.

My interview was nearly about 15 to 20 minutes.

When i entered in interview cabin there were three interviewers for HR, managerial and technical.

They started to ask questions:


1:Tell something about yourself?

Ans: I told them my introduction in 40 to 45 sec.

2:What is storage procedure in database?

Ans: I didn’t know. So, I said don’t know.

3.Tell us something about C language?

Ans: I answered.

4:I had written my sports achievements in my resume so they asked me these are necessary for defense career why are you looking for your in IT industry?

Ans: It is Just my hobby but i am interested in IT industry that’s why i want to make my career in this field.

5:My academic score was good. They ask me that you could get better college than your current college why did you come to this college.

Ans: My score was low in MHT-CET examnce hence I could get this better College based on that marks.

6: I was from Nagpur but i was pursuing BE degree from shivaji University Kolhapur. So they aksed are you came for only for study purpose or some others?

Ans: Yes, I am here only for study purpose.

5.what is friends function?

Ans: I answered it.

6 : i was written my code vita code python and they asked me what is difference between java and python?

7:what is package?

8: what is use of getch()?

I answered all these questions.

After that they started to ask questions about database.

9: what is normalisation and denormalization?

10: what is join and types of join?

11: write query for finding 2nd highest salary from table?

I wrote it.

12. Suppose you want to find 3rd or 7th highest salary from table they what changes would you make in this query?

Ans: Apply the order by clause and set row limit to 3 or 7.

You should know at definitions of new technologies.

13: what is big data?

I didn’t know what exactly it is so i told them what i know.

Ans : It is managing, analysis, manipulating large data.

I had project on web application development for academic feedback which i was developing in but they ask me a lot about project.

They just ask me what are the parameters are you consider in your project for feedback?


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