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TCS Codevita Interview Experience 2021 Batch

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  • Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2022
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I participated in TCS codevita competition solved 2 questions and got a 1320 rank and then was called for an interview based on my performance in codevita.

The Interview consisted of 3 rounds (TR+MR+HR) 

  • It started with my introduction, told everything about myself including my technical skills mentioned in my resume.

Technical Round:

  1. So you are good at Java, tell me what’s the difference b/w Java & C++
  2. Which language can be used with Hardware (C++ or JAVA). Told and had some good discussion on this. [JVM doesn’t allow Java to directly interact with Hardware] 
  3. What is a class and create a class based on a vehicle(car)
  4. Why do we use a break and continue Statement explain with an example?
  5. What is the default value of the global variable?
  6. Asked me some questions regarding the oops concept (inheritance). How can we perform multiple inheritances in java?
  7. The complexity of Bubble Sort vs Selection Sort
  8. Full form Iaas , Saas, Paas and differnce b/w them
  9. Explain your codevita solutions (Approach).
  10. What are boolean expressions and explain their use in programming?

Managerial Round:

  1. Why did you choose to learn Java over Python?
  2. Some situation based questions on networking as I am Huawei(HCIA Certified). Suppose we are in Delhi and our data center is in Jammu explain how we will retrieve data from there.
  3. Talked about my projects and asked me to show my source code from Github.

HR Round:

  1. So what are hobbies 
  2. Why TCS?
  3. What do you know about TCS?
  4. Can you Relocate?

And I was done. Pheww! It was a long interview that almost went 1.5 hours.

And at the end, I would like to say just strengthen your basics and prepare each and everything that’s written on your resume and take help from GFG platform as this would really help you a lot.

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