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TCS Codevita Interview Experience 2020 (Digital Offer)

Last Updated : 02 Nov, 2023
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The first time I attended codevita was on last year (2019), where I sat for 6 hours and I could not solve even 1 problem. One year later I got some experience in competitive programming and I also learned some algorithms (Backtracking, DP, … etc). This year, I solved 3 problems. The first one was based on looping. The second one was based on recursion and the third one was based on backtracking. I got a rank of less than 500.

So I got a call for the interview, through my college. Due to the pandemic situation, the interview happened virtually. On the day of the interview, the HR manager called me to join the meeting link which was sent to me. But when I tried to join, the server was loading forever. They waited for like 20 minutes, and then they told me to resolve the issue before they finish the next candidate. So then I found and resolved the issue(the server won’t respond when you use airtel mobile data). After 1 hour, I joined the meeting. 

There were 3 members – 1 HR, 1 managerial person, and 1 Technical Person.

Interviewer: Tell us about you.

Me: I learned to program… got interested in app development, got a play console published a lot of apps, learned web development …. made a project with spring boot as back-end and react-JS as front-end.

Interviewer: So are there any URLs for your apps in your resume.

Me: I told her a search term to search for my app in the play store

Interviewer: You told you were from ECE, then why joining an IT company.

Me: I like computer science. I realized that CSE subjects can mostly be learned online and moreover most of them are also available in ECE course, also I have many cousins from ECE.

Interviewer: Tell me more about the full stack project

Me: I explained it.

(There were lots of cross-questions based on the project related to JWT, MongoDB, Github, spring boot, tomcat, java ….etc)

Then there were questions related to android …. like how would you access this sensor … android versions available … types of android apps. MVC architecture.

Interviewer: What will you be doing in the next 5 years? … 

Me: I will learn more about development, and be working on technologies like Iot. Then there were some questions on microcontrollers. (For all those technical questions I answered like 90%)

Interviewer: Some basic questions related to relocation. nature of work. 

The interview went for about 50 minutes.

After 20 days. My college TPO released a list of selected students, and I was offered a digital package.

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