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TCS Codevita Interview Experience 2020

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College: University of Engineering and Management Kolkata

Number of questions solved in codevita 2020: 1

Rank: 8400

Interview date: 14 September 2020


HR: Hello. Hope you are doing well. We are glad to have you

       Yes sir I am doing well and thank you, maam

TR: So tell me something about your project


TR: Okay… So u hold a good grasp on C, java, and python

       Yes sir

TR: How will you print your name without using a semicolon


TR: What is the advantage of using python over java?

       Explained with the examples of negative indexing in python

TR: What is the difference between abstract class and interfaces


TR: Difference between compiler and interpreter?


TR: What is the RARP and what are its uses

       Told (used to convert an IP address into mac address)

TR: Explain the loopback address?

       Explained with the help of IP address

TR: Explain Saas, PaaS, Iaas


TR: Asked port numbers of HTTP TCP etc

        Don’t know sir

TR: Forwarded me to Mr(manegerial round)

MR: So you got a certificate on digital marketing from Google digital garage. Explain in brief what you have learned?

         Explained for 6-7 minutes

MR: Asked in more details about the project and what is my role in that

         Said and we discussed on a project for 5-7 minutes

MR: Forwarded me to HR

HR: Tell me something which is not mentioned in your cv

        Said that I love to read religious books

HR: (impressed).. Gave some real-life scenarios and asked what Geeta says about this.

        Explained with various instances… And had a good conversation for a couple of minutes… And then she asked about reallocation. Night shifts.. Bond policy etc…

The interview lasted for around 50 mins

Results:- Got ninja offer.

Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2022
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