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TCS CodeVita Interview Experience 2020 (2017-2021 Batch)

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  • Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2022

Round 1 (CodeVita Contest): Like every year, TCS organizes the CodeVita Contest 2020 for hiring the undergraduates. The first round of CodeVita takes place in two zones. Since I live in Delhi, my exam was scheduled for 15th August 2020 with Zone 2 candidates.

Like every year, there were 6 coding questions in the contest. Any of my questions did not base on advanced data structures like Trees and Graphs. But that does not mean, the questions were easy. CodeVita is quite popular for its toughness and extreme level of plagiarism check. In the contest, we get 6 hours to complete the 6 coding questions. Yes, guys, there is no proctoring, no boundation from taking help from any available source. But guys, there is a catch.

According to the rules of CodeVita, you have to provide the reference of the code or sources you had used to build your problem solution, and guys, truly seeking please don’t try to copy your friend’s code, even if you get the same problem on that day.  Don’t be over-smart by just changing the variables, or just wrap some functionalities in a function. Their plagiarism checker is extremely powerful. Although taking help from the Internet and providing the reference regarding the same is fine with them.

So, I was able to make up a solution for one of my problem and cleared the Round 1. Here again, I want to tell you guys, look I was able to clear by just complete one question on my own. But some friends, who had completed even 3-4 problems, get eliminated. So, I am again repeating, just do your own contest on that day, that’s it. 

So, guys, the results were out after a few days and around 16k participants cleared the round 1 all over India. In my college, around 55 candidates have their names on the list. I got a rank of around 11k+ in the contest.

Round 2 (Interview ): Among the selected 55 candidates from the college, around 40 students received the Interview call from them, and I was one of them. Guys TCS is somewhat unpredictable, I don’t know on what basis they selected the candidates for an interview because there are few candidates in my college who got better rank than me. TCS sent the list of the candidates to the college. And during the span of around two weeks, all of us get interviewed. I get a mail from them on 17th Sept 2020 that my Interview was scheduled for 18th Sept 2020 within the 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM time slot.

Okay so, as we are talking about 2020, you can easily figure out that the interview must be conducted virtually. So, I am waiting for 03:30 on Microsoft Teams to let me in. Around 06:15, they let me in. There were three persons at the meeting. The TR started to apologize for being late and told me that all the three rounds were conducted simultaneously (Technical, Managerial, and HR round). Yes, it always happens in the CodeVita interviews. After that, they started the interview.

Technical Round:

1. Tell me about yourself.

That’s the common question of every Interview, as everyone knows.

2. Which Language you use for writing the Codes.

I say 90% time, I used python. But I am comfortable with both Python and C++.

3. You have to implement a snake and ladder game through Code. How do you do that?

I didn’t expect such a question initially, because it’s a typical graph question, but I started answering that, then he said to share the laptop screen and start to write code regarding the same. I opened Notepad to write the pseudocode. I wrote a few lines of the code and then explain the remaining approach. Then, he said Okay.

4. He also asked me to write a few more codes but this time on IDE. The Codes are:

  1. Reverse a string word by word.
  2. Capitalize the first letter of each word in a string.
  3. Reverse a list.

5. Then he said okay, have you studied the OOPs concept in Python?

I said Yes. 

6. He asks some questions from that. Which are:

  • Object Parsing: I provided an appropriate answer but not 100% correct.
  • Monkey Patching: I didn’t even hear about this. I said no, I don’t know that.
  • Is Python single-threaded or multi-threaded? I answer single-threaded, that is right.
  • Lambda function: I answered.

Guys cross-questioning is always there, I do not remember every single instance. But more or less, it conducts like this. Then after python, he said, you wrote about ML in your CV, so he asks starting from it.

7. What is data wrangling?

I didn’t know the exact term, so I said No, first, but then he asked me how to deal with NaN values. I answered to that specifically mentioned the Imputer class functionalities. Then he says how to further process the data. Then I answered about Labelencoding, Onehotencoding, standardization, EDA, etc. then he says, yes, exactly this is data wrangling. I said we are saying it data pre-processing steps. Then he said, yeah same things.

8. He gave me a problem to identify the problem as regression or a classification problem.

That’s a simple one, he just asks to identify a disease of a patient among 2-3 choices. Yes, guys, it’s a simple classification problem. 

9. How to evaluate the performance of the classification models.

Basically, he wants to ask about confusion matrix, precision, recall, and F1-score stuff. I answered it correctly.

10. Tell me about your publications in detail.

I mentioned my four publications in the resume. So, I provided a brief overview of each one of them. 

Yes, guys, that’s my technical interview. It seems a quite bit long, but it takes around 20-25 minutes. Then the TR handover the interview to the MR. 

Managerial Round (MR): In this round, I was asked if I will be comfortable with any of the technology offered in the future like mainframe, don’t, java, etc. Yes, I said it’s fine and I love to learn new things. Then, he told me that I have to pay 50k if I left earlier than 1 year and other terms and conditions. In this round, I was told things about the projects, environment-related stuff I will get. And they ask are you ready for it? I said Yes. Then he asks if I am interested in relocation since they have offices in every big city in India. I said, Yes, if it’s a good city. They asked what about Varanasi? I said Yeah fine.

It seems to you that these are not managerial stuff. But, in my case, these are discussed in MR. After that, comes the HR.

HR Round: Initially, I was asked to share my tenth, twelfth and all the B.Tech mark sheets soft copies via screen sharing. Because I got very high marks. Then he’s just talking abt a little stuff in them. In interviews, the conversation can be about literally anything. Then he asked me to show my actual ID card through a video camera. I did that. Then he asked about my hobbies. Since I mentioned, I am foodies as one of my hobbies. So, he asked which type of food you like. I said Chinese and continental. Then he asked how you differentiate among them by eating. I have not a proper answer to it. Because I never think of that, I just like eating it. That’s what I said. They say okay, that means you like to eat a lot. So, do you cook as well, or just like eating? I said just eating XD. Then they said, how will you manage in Varanasi where you need to cook by yourself. I said I will learn it by youtube. They said, nice.

At last, they asked if I have any questions with them. I asked about the projects I will get in case I am selected. They told me about everything about the environment and the projects in a more detailed manner then.

That’s it guys, more or less, this is my interview experience. Maybe I missed a few questions, because in an interview, a deep conversation is going on, and one can’t remember every single instance. But I will try my best to explain it here.

Result: After around a week, TCS sends a list of selected students to the college. In my college, out of 40 students, 24 got selected, out of which 18 got TCS ninjas offer and 6 got TCS digital offer. I got ninjas one. Also, got a confirmation mail from TCS, and they said, they will send the offer letter shortly.

Guys, at last, I just want to say that please don’t miss the CodeVita opportunity. It’s the best and simplest procedure to get inside TCS. You just have to solve one single question in 6 hours. After that, there are high chances that you got directly selected for the interview, where on the basis of your performance, you can get either ninjas or digital. Also, the candidates selected via the CodeVita contest, would not undergo the training period like the candidates selected from other drives. 

I hope my experience will be beneficial to you guys. Best of luck guys, for your interview!!

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