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TCS Codevita Interview Experience 2020

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First Round:

 Exam was conducted on 15th august as i am from zone2. It was a six hours window and 6 questions will be given. I think many of you know about this. I successfully completed 1 question but with presentation error and its not a problem for them as they mentioned that in rules. And the other question with some wrong answers in some test cases. I think most of the test cases are passed since i got 5.5k rank. 

In our case, every one who completed atleast one question successfully called for interview.

After nearly 1 week I got mail from TCS that my interview was scheduled on 12th september and I am pretty excited as this is my first interview. A total of 16000 people selected from codevita for the next round.

Second Round:        

Tensed, confused, excited, fear and confidence.

I didn’t remember the platform used for interview.  My interview started at 10:00AM. And i am the first person of our batch(first in first out basis). First they checked audio and video connections and there are 3 people(TR,MR,HR).

Q. Tell me about yourself

A: Told (As I am preparing this from past 1 week)

Coming to technical questions:

Differences between lists and tuples.

Basic sql queries(As I mentioned in resume)

First interviewer havent asked much on technical side. 

Any co curricular activities in college. (Not participated in any but added some masala for impression).

She handed over the turn to second interviewer. This is where actual interview started. 

Introduced himself and asked about covid situation in our city.

Coming to technical part.(I mentioned my areas of interest as machine learning and web development during introducing myself).

He thought that i mentioned machine learning just for the sake of impression.

Interviewer 2: Let me ask you some questions on machine learning.(with a quite warning voice)

Me: sure sir(with confidence, not actually.)

He asked some basics of machine learning concepts like unsupervised learning, differences between supervised and unsupervised learning,tensor flow. 

And also some questions like

Do you have any knowledge on neural networks, deep learning.

How do you access a dictionary

Some more questions were asked but didnt remember.

Answered nearly 70% of the questions.

At last, any questions from your side(asked)

Coming to 3rd interviewer, he left the meeting just after 5 minutes interview started since he is having some technical issue in his laptop. So, no HR questions for me.

At last they took a screen shot of mine in their laptop with holding any government id card just to showing to higher authorities that its you.

At last they said you can leave.

Waiting for results and hoping for the best.

Sorry for having spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, If any.


Cracking coding round is not soo hard. We can refer to various websites and books. Dont forget to mention attributes, if you copied.

Be calm and cool. Person on the otherside of the bench is not superhero. He just born earlier.


Finally,  Thank you geek for geeks. I am nothing without you. Thank you so much. Lots of love to you.

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Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2022
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