TCS Codevita Interview Experience 2019(Off-Campus)

Round 1:1st Round is a online round.It consists of 6 questions with 6 hours duration.I solved 2 questions.If you complete 2 questions then you will be called for interview.


Round 2:Technical Interview

Interviewer : Tell me about yourself.

Me : Answered.

Interviewer : Gave me a puzzle to solve regarding jars.

Me : Didn’t answer.(I didn’t understand the question)

Interviewer : Asked me to explain Codevita questions that I solved and write code on paper.

Me : Explained.

Interviewer : Write a program to generate prime numbers in given range?

Me : Written.

Interviewer : Write a program to find minimum and maximum element in array without sorting?

Me : written in O(n) complexity by comparing each and every element with min and max.

Interviewer : Ok. Explain about your project written in your resume?

Me : Explained the android project and about its implementation.

Interviewer : Ok you uploaded your project in Github. What is Github?

Me : Explained.

Interviewer : How to find a specific user in Github?

Me : I managed to answer.(Actually I don’t know what is the correct answer).

Interviewer : Ok please wait outside.

Me : Ok sir.Thank you.


After sometime they said that I was selected for HR Interview.


Round 3:HR Interview

Interviewer : Tell me about yourself.

Me : Answered.

Interviewer : Are you willing to relocate?

Me : Yes mam.

Interviewer : Are you comfortable working in Night Shift?

Me : Yes mam.

Interviewer : Ok. What is your favourite movie?

Me : Answered.

Interviewer : Ok All the best.You can go.

Me : Thank you mam.



Tips:Just be confident enough while you are answering and explain your projects better.Be sure about topics that you have mentioned in your resume.Most of my friends got questions in DBMS.

All the Best…

Thank You.

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