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TCS Codevita Interview Experience 2019

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Hello, My name is Ashim, I was called for interview on 30th of july 2019 and I will share my experience with you all guys.
It was my first interview.
So my reporting time was 2pm and I reached on time.
Waited for 2 hours my name was called for technical round.
Interview took around 20min
Reached interview table
Me: Good afternoon Sir

Intv: Hi, Good afternoon have a seat
Me : Thanks sir

Intv: please give me your resume

Intv: So Ashim tell me about yourself
Me : answered confidently

Intv: so ashim you know python well please solve this pattern in python (gave pen and paper)
Pattern was:
10    20    30   40   50   26027028029030
60    70    80  90   22023024025
100 110 120 1902021
130 140  17018
150  16
Me: wrote the program

Intv: checked and asked doubts in program, I explained

Intv: So ashim you know android and you have done a project please explain it
Me : explained

Intv: have you made any documentation?
Me : no sir its my individual mini project and I uploaded it to playstore

Intv: so only you made this project? No team members? That’s nice
Me: yes sir, thanks

Intv: gave pen and paper, please write all possible palindrome of your name in java
Me: answered

Intv: ashim it’s nice meeting you thanks now you can wait outside for the results with humble smile
Me: Thank you very much sir with smile

Then I waited for around 5-6 hours after TR

It was around 8:45, again they called my name for MR(MANAGERIAL) at that time only 4-5 candidates left including me

I reached interview table,
Me: Good evening sir
Intv: Good evening please have seat

Me settled, thanks sir

Intv: please give your resume
So Ashim tell me about yourself
Me: answered enthusiastically and confidently

Intv: rate yourself in python out of 5
Me : answered

Intv: you did a mini project please explain its use cases and what you did
Me: answered confidently

Intv: so its a mini project, do you have any future projects ideas on android?
Me: yes sir, n explained what it is

Intv: please explain about hadoop
Me: explained

Intv: name some new technologies
Me: answered

Intv: asked about family background
Me answered

Intv: do you have any questions?
Me; asked

Then he told me to wait outside for the next round

I went outside, after one minute again my name was called for HR

Went inside
Good evening sir and mam,
Here hr mam was just observing me and did not ask any questions

Hr: have seat and give me your resume
Hr: tell me about yourself
Me : answered
Hr: asked about my long term goal
Me: answered
Hr:so ashim why should we hire you?
Me: answered my strengths
Hr: so you know that after joining you will need to sign a bond of 2 years do you have any problem on that?
Me: answered
Hr: do you have any questions?
Me: asked some questions
After 9:10 i went outside interview room and I was completely stressed but I did not shown them that i am tired

Then I was told that results will be sent to you on mail
Whole process was completed.

Here confidence, communication skills, attitude, stress management plays major role
You should always smile and should look enthusiastic during interview.

Even if you can’t speak fluent English no problem but you should speak confidently that’s what I did

Waiting for results!!!


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Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2022
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