TCS Codevita Interview Experience – 2019

Round 1: Codevita Season VIII (TCS Global Coding Contest)

All those who solved at least one question in round 1 were called for the direct interview. Be careful they take plagiarism very seriously.

Round 2: Interview

Venue – TCS Gitanjali Park, Kolkata

Date – 1st August, 2019

The process started with document verification. After that applicants were called for the interview.

There were 3 panellist (Technical + MR + HR) and it lasted around 50 minutes.

Ques 1: Tell me something about yourself?

Ans: I answered while they went through my resume.

Ques 2: What’s your favourite programming language?

Ans: I answered java with a basic introduction.

Ques 3: Explain OOP ?

Ans: I answered.

Ques 4: Explain encapsulation & abstraction ?

Ans: I gave them a formal definition and then explained the above terms using real life examples.

Ques 5: Does java support multiple inheritance?

Ans: I answered multiple inheritance isn’t supported in java. But we can achieve it using interface.

Ques 6: Write an example code for the above?

Ans: I wrote.

Ques 7: Write a code to print pascal triangle?

Ans: I wrote.

Ques 8: Tell me about Joins in DBMS?

Ans: I explained inner and outer joins.

Ques 9: You have done a lot of projects on android development. Explain your latest project?

Ans: I explained my latest project.

Ques 10: You have any app published on playstore?

Ans: I answered 3 of them are live on Google Playstore.

Ques 11: Explain your final year project?

Ans: I asked can i explain using wireframes of my app. They said yes go ahead. I took my time & explained it properly.

Ques 12: Which language you used for app development?

Ans: I answered I have used Flutter for this which uses Dart programming language.

Ques 13: You had this in your syllabus?

Ans: I answered no. I have learnt this on my own from Udemy and Medium blogs.

Ques 14: What about the backend?

Ans: I answered I’m using Firebase for that.

Ques 15: What is an API? Are you using any APIs here?

Ans: I defined it and said yes we will be using 2 APIs. Google Places API & Google Distance Matrix API.

Ques 16: You have mentioned a lot of trainings in your resume. Have you brought the certificates?

Ans: I said yes and passed my file to them. Few queries on my internship and trainings.

<< HR Questions >>

Tell me about your strength & weakness?, Inspiration & why?, Job satisfaction& Location preference?, why TCS?, Choose between TCS & Microsoft? If we give you work on outdated technology what will be your response?, will you leave development after joining us? If we offer normal job profile and some other company offers you developer profile, which offer will you accept?

We shook our hands and I was asked to leave.

I received a mail on 10th August saying I have been shortlisted for the  differential offer and they will mail the offer letter soon.

This article is contributed by Piyush Sinha.

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