TCS Codevita Interview Experience

Hi friends… I solved only one question in TCS codevita exam and I was selected for the further interview conducted at TCS company.

Round 1:First round was TR.They asked my resume and started the process by asking alot of questions which includes the concepts of dbms, sql and os.they also asked me one program which is very simply like bubblesort.

Round 2: Second round was managerial round(MR).he also asked my resume and scanned it 5 to 10mins and then started asking about project and giving some situations which we should handle..

Actually this round questions mainly depends on your resume. What u wrote in your resume should be prepared well before appearing for interview.

Round 3: Luckily I got selected for hr round .In this round usually they ask  about self introduction and why TCS? and why should we hire u ? That’s it for hr.

Results will be announced through email.  I am waiting for it…

Hope these will help u for the TCS interview

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