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TCS CodeVita Interview Experience

  • Last Updated : 19 Nov, 2020

This is my experience with TCS ninja profile.

As it was 2020 the whole flow was done online. I was supposed to take this test called CODEVITA which is TCS’s one national-level hiring challenge. 

There will be 6 coding questions with a total time of 6 hours. The questions’ difficulty was Easy-1, medium-2, Hard-3

I was able to do 4 questions out of which 3 passed all the test cases while 1 passed only the public test cases.  Later after a month, our results got announced and I secured a national rank of 1902.

We were invited for an interview using their video call platform. The platform was very bad, it kept hanging.

There were questions related to web development, system design, If you have done projects in ML, AI, then those questions are simple coding questions like kadane’s algorithm and check to weather a given string is palindrome or not. And then HR asked some questions about my current internship and the interview got over. 

The results came after 2 weeks via mail.

Verdict: Selected.

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