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TCS CodeVita Interview | Digital vs Ninja profile

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Hello Everyone it was my first placement drive experience that too in such an amazing company like TCS.

Round 1: CODING

First was the open coding challenge by TCS. We were given 6 coding questions to do in 6 hours. I did only on question “Square free number” I’ll be sharing all the problem statements too. The criteria was to solve at least on problem completely, means all the test cases and we may submit any number of times. But there was a twist. This test was for both the TCS NINJA(3.36 pa) and DIGITAL(6.5 pa) profile. The difference was to be seen in the interview process.

85 students from my college cleared the first round, including me.

Round 2: Technical interview

We were mailed the details of the interview process. Since the number of selected students from my college was large so the pool interview process held at my college Graphic Era (Deemed To Be) University in Uttrakhand. We were asked to be present at the venue at 9:00 am and without the delay the process started at 10:00 am. There were 7 panels for the interview process. They first started calling girls for the Tech interview. Questions asked were mediocre and basically from c, algo, algo, apti, DBMS and languages known and projects undertaken.

My turn came up at around 5:00 pm. I went in the room and there were two of’em.Both of them were too friendly.Thus the nervousness was just till i entered the room, and was gone afterwards.

Q1 : How was your day?

Q2 : Tell me something about yourself.

Q3 : Where you went for vacations last year?

Q4 : Which programming language you like and why?

Q5.1 : Can you write the code of the problem that you solved in codevita ? (MUST)

Q5.2 : Have you taken any help from anyone for the codevita?

Q5.3 : Why have i opted python for coding in codevita?

Q6 : Implement Linked list.

Q7 : Write code for AVL tree.

Q8 : Why namespaces a are used?

Q9 :  How do you declare a variable in python?

Q10: Tell me about your ***** project (followed by question related to my project).

Q11 : Why do you want to join TCS?

Q12 : Why should we hire you?

Q13 : Normal forms in DBMS.

Q14 : Do you want to ask something?

out of 85, 54 cleared this round.

In this round they have selected the top students for the digital profile too (who have done more than 2 problems in codevita or have some good research background).

Round 3: Managerial round

After half an hour i was called for the managerial round again two people were there.

Q1: Tell me something about yourself?

Q2: Why do you want to join TCS?

Q3 : do you have any future plans for higher studies?

Q4 : What are your strength and weeknesses and how are you overcoming them?

Q5: suppose  you are the education minister of your state and visited this college but have’nt prepared a speech. Now show us how, would you deliver the speech now.


Q6 : Do you want to ask something ?


Round 4: HR

Straight after 5 minutes i was called for my HR round which was again not at all hectic.

There was only one guy.

Q1: Tell me something about yourself.

Q2: Is there any problem in relocation, travelling, working in shifts or work on weekend (supposed  to be answered “no problem” and no plans for “higher studies” either.

Q3 : Tell me about your biggest achievement.

Q4 : Since your achievement was the project in IoT Explain this project.

Everything like project cost, feasibility, durability, future improvement, importance etc was discussed for next 15 minutes.

Q5 : Do you want to ask something?

The process ended after this around 8:00 pm.

Results Were mailed to us after 8 days of the process.

All the students who cleared the technical round were selected for the TCS NINJA profile and 5 out of the 54 selects were chosen for DIGITAL profile and all the NINJA selects were given chance to sit for the NQT level 2 exam for digital profile too.

And That’s it.


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Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2023
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